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2001 Elections

TO: Eligible OSU Voting Faculty

FROM: Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate
Nancy Rosenberger, President, OSU Faculty Senate

RE: 1. Election of Senate President-Elect
2. Election of Interinstitutional Faculty Senate Representative

On October 6, 1977, the Faculty Senate Adopted amendments to it's Bylaws that provide for the officers of the Senate -- a President and a President-Elect. Their duties are outlined in Section 2, Article VI of the Faculty Senate Bylaws.

Interinstitutional Faculty Senate Senator duties and purpose are outlined in Sections 1 and 2, Article VIII of the Faculty Senate Bylaws. Current IFS Representatives are: Gary Tiedman, Sociology; Bruce Sorte, Agricultural Sciences; and Jim Lundy, Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering.

Eligibility: Those Faculty determined to be eligible to be elected and to vote in the election of Senators of the Faculty Senate are also entitled to bote in the election of the Senate President-Elect and IFS Representative. Faculty eligible to vote are those who were included in the FT count for the current apportionment table, as determined by official university personnel statistics.

Method of Voting: As specified in Senate action of June, 1978, the election is to be conducted through mail ballot. Ballots for those eligible to bote in the election are mailed to individual faculty members whose names have been provided to the Faculty Senate Office by the University.

Dates of Voting: The election will be conducted November 12-December 4, with signed ballots returned to the Faculty Senate Office (107 Gilkey Hall) no later the 5:00 PM on Tuesday, December 4. Late ballots are not counted.

Election and Ballot Counting Committee: A ballot-counting committee is appointed by the Senate President. Results of both elections are published in the staff newsletter, OSU THIS WEEK, and reported at the December Faculty Senate meeting.

Nomination and Election Procedures: The candidates for this election were determined at the November 1 Faculty Senate meeting. Biographical sketches and candidate statements for each of the candidates are enclosed. The ballot contains nominees for President-Elect and IFS Senator Reresentative on the same card. Any faculty member eligible to vote who has not received a ballot by November 16 should call the Faculty Senate Office (541-737-4344) to determine inclusion on the computer-generated list of eligible voters provided by the University

Candidate Statements: In addition to the enclosed statements, candidates were given questions to answer regarding their candidacy.


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