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Faculty Senate

Library Committee

Annual Report

The Faculty Senate Library Committee met three times during 2011-2012, once per term, to advise OSU Libraries (OSUL) faculty on key issues regarding the needs of the OSU community, library policy and budget, and scholarly communication. The committee's members also served on a variety of subcommittees to assist OSU Libraries faculty in developing policies, communicating the Libraries' budget needs to OSU administration, and selecting winners of OSUL awards.


OSUL Collection Budget

The committee helped draft and provided feedback on a collections budget report that Faye Chadwell, University Librarian, will submit to the Provost's Office as part of an ongoing discussion of OSUL's funding. The report outlines OSUL's collections budget challenges, assesses the impact of OSU's growth on collection needs, and proposes funding models for future collection growth. The committee contributed to the collection budget report in the following ways:

  1. Committee members Stacey Smith and Rich Carter served on a collections budget subcommittee with OSUL faculty Faye Chadwell (University Librarian), Jennifer Nutefall (Associate University Librarian), Jane Nichols (Collection Development Librarian), Andrea Wirth (Collection Development and Science Librarian), and Steven Sowell (Head of Collections and Resource Sharing). The subcommittee drafted the report during one meeting in January and via e-mail circulation from February to May 2012.

  2. The committee, as a whole, commented on drafts presented at the February and May meetings and the subcommittee incorporated this feedback into the finalized report, completed in May of 2012.
Open Access and Scholarly Communication

In the fall of 2011, the committee discussed OSUL's ongoing efforts to develop an open access policy for OSU with the goal of eventually presenting it for approval by the Faculty Senate. Although other projects drew away the committee's attention for most of the academic year, the committee hopes to pick up this conversation again in the fall. OSUL did make one significant step toward this goal: OSU signed onto the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities during 2011.

During the spring 2012 quarter, the committee as a whole discussed the boycott of Elsevier, one of the world's largest academic publishers. Elsevier's sponsorship of the Research Works Act (RWA), a proposed federal law designed to restrict open access to taxpayer-funded research, generated a worldwide boycott. Scholars refused to author or referee scholarship for Elsevier journals. The boycott highlighted the importance of educating OSU faculty and graduate students about authorial rights and open access and the committee took the following action:

  1. Stacey Smith met with OSUL's committee on Scholarly Communication and Open Access to draft a press release about Elsevier's relationship to open access and the boycott. In the middle of this process, Elsevier, under pressure from the boycott, withdrew sponsorship from the Research Works Act and made the press release unnecessary.

  2. The committee decided that, in lieu of the Elsevier boycott press release, we would work with OSUL's Scholarly Communication and Open Access committee to create a FAQ about authorial rights and open access to appear on OSUL's website during the upcoming Open Access Week.
Library Awards

Committee members served on two OSU Library Committees to evaluate award applications and select winners:
  • Library Research Travel Grants – David Myrold and Bruce Gellar
  • Undergraduate Research Awards – Naomi Hirsch
The committee also revisited last year's unsuccessful request to the Provost's Office to increase funding for the Library Research Travel Grants. We decided that we would look into funding opportunities with the College of Liberal Arts and the Office of Research, but concluded that we needed to increase the number of applicants for the awards to make future proposals more successful.

Issues and Agenda Items for the 2012-2013 Library Committee

  • Work with the OSUL Committee on Scholarly Communications and Open Access to draft an open access and authorial rights Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for posting to the OSUL website during the 2012 Open Access Week, October 22–28.
  • Continue discussing an open access policy for OSU.
  • Follow-up with Faye Chadwell (University Librarian) on ongoing collections budget discussions with the Provost's Office.
  • Consult with OSUL faculty about strategies for advertising the Library Research Travel Grants, with an eye toward generating more applications and more funding.

Membership - 2011-2012:
Stacey Smith, Chair '12
Naomi Hirsch (v. Williams) '12
David Myrold '12
TBA (v. Brown)
Rich Carter '13
Kira Hughes '13
Marit Bovbjerg '14
Hsiou-Lien Chen '14
Bruce Geller '14
Environmental Health Sciences Center
Crop & Soil Science

Public Health
Design & Human Environment

Student member: Laura Cray (Graduate Student)

Ex-officio: University Librarian (Faye Chadwell)
Executive Committee Liaison: Jon Dorbolo