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Faculty Senate

Library Committee

Annual Report

During the 2010-2011 academic year, the Faculty Senate Library Committee met each term to carry out its responsibility of advising OSU Libraries in the three areas outlined in its standing rules: (1) meeting the learning, instruction, and resource needs of students, faculty and staff; (2) formulating library policies in relation to circulation, budgets, services, and development of resources for instruction and research; (3) interpreting the needs policies of the library to the University; and 4) identifying and addressing issues regarding scholarly communication (e.g. print and electronic journals and books).

  • Met with and provided feedback on candidates as part of the search process for the new Donald and Delpha Campbell University Librarian/OSU Press Director.
  • Met with accreditation team member Steve Rollins (Dean, Consortium Library, University of Alaska-Anchorage) to discuss library-related issues as part of NWCCU accreditation site visit
  • Collected information on publications, presentations, and other outcomes resulting from research supported by past Library Research Travel Grants, then compiled report summarizing findings. Based on those findings, requested funding increase for the LRTG program (from $10,000 to $20,000 per year) from the Provost; final decision will be made as part of the summer budget discussions.
  • Assisted OSU Libraries with the following activities:
    • Assigning study carrels (OSUL: Cheryl Middleton; FSLC: Hua-yu Li)
    • Evaluating Library Travel Research Grant applications-three awards in fall and four in spring (OSUL: Jennifer Nutefall, FSLC: Stacey Smith and Elizabeth Thomas)
    • Reviewing Undergraduate Library Research Award applications-two awards (OSUL: Jennifer Nutefall; FSLC: Lindy Brown)
  • Consulted on critical issues affecting OSU Libraries, including:
    • Full implementation of the 24/5 plan (keeping the library open for 24 hours 5 days of the week) after last spring's trial
    • Completion of the Learning Commons on the 2nd floor
    • LibQual survey results and next steps
    • Open Access and the Scholars' Archive (including a possible resolution on Open Access for the Faculty Senate's consideration)
    • Budget needs and priorities
    • Scan and deliver service

Issues and Agenda Items for the 2011-2012 Library Committee:
  • Continue to support (and increase awareness of) Open Access initiatives, with particular attention to how non-STEM disciplines may be affected.
  • Consider the possibility of an Open Access initiative similar to those in use at MIT, Harvard, and the University of Kansas.
  • If necessary, follow up on request to Provost for additional funding for the Library Research Travel Grant program; if that request is approved, work to implement promised changes to the program.

Membership - 2010-2011:
Tara Williams '12, Chair
Alan Acock (v. Schwartz) '11
Elizabeth Thomas '11
Hua-Yu Li '11
Stacey Smith '12
David Myrold '12
Lindy Brown '13
Rich Carter '13
Kira Hughes '13
Human Development & Family Sciences
Academic Success Center
Political Science
Crop & Soil Science
Academics for Student Athletes

Ex-officio: Interim University Librarian Faye Chadwell
Executive Committee Liaison: Starr McMullen
(Associate University Librarian Jennifer Nutefall also attended meetings to advise and consult with the FSLC.)