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Faculty Senate

Library Committee

Annual Report

During the 2007-08 academic year, the Faculty Senate Library Committee struggled with leadership vacancies, unfilled positions and member illness. Consequently, the committee did not convene until spring term. At that time, Nabil Boudraa (Foreign Languages and Literatures) and Lee Sherman (Office of Research Communications) volunteered to co-chair the committee. The committee met twice monthly for the remainder of the academic year to carry out its responsibility of advising the university librarian in the three areas outlined in its standing rules: (1) meeting the learning, instruction, and research needs of students, faculty, and staff; (2) assisting in the review of library policies as they relate to circulation, budgets, services, and development of resources for instruction and research; and (3) interpreting the needs of the library to the university.


Decided to make open access/scholarly communication (the on-going issues of scholastic publishing, funding for library serials, and public access) the primary focus of the FSLC over the next two years.

Reviewed prior committee work on open access/scholarly communication, including the accomplishments of the Faculty Senate Task Force on Scholarly Communication (2004 -2005).

Assessed the current status of scholarly communication both at OSU and at other universities nationwide. To that end, the committee held a teleconference with Harvard University professor Stuart Shieber, who led Harvard’s groundbreaking movement to mandate open access for its faculty. Shieber is the director of Harvard’s new Office for Scholarly Communication.

Laid the groundwork for a university-wide campaign for 2008-2010 (working title, “Access for All”) with the goals of (1) raising awareness; (2) garnering support; and (3) moving toward a university policy on open access. The committee will meet once over the summer to agree on a basic framework for the campaign.

Issues and Agenda Items for the 2008-09 Library Committee:

Bring key partners/stakeholders to the table as “resource persons” to provide expertise and support to the campaign. These would include (but not be limited to) the director of the Office of Research Communications; a representative of the Research Office; one or more library liaisons from academic departments heavily engaged in research and scholarly publishing; and the science librarian. The committee will look at the possibility of following Harvard’s lead by spearheading the creation of an Office for Scholarly Communication at OSU.

Finalize plans for the “Access for All” campaign.

Launch the campaign in a systematic, coordinated effort on numerous fronts for maximum and continuous visibility.

Other topics to keep on the radar:

Capital Campaign: Keep current with the university's planned capital campaign and how this effort will positively impact the library.

Strategic Plan: Review the implementation and progress of the library's strategic plan.

Membership -- 2007-2008

Nabil Boudraa '09, Co-chair, Foreign Languages & Literatures
Lee Sherman '10, Co-chair, Office of Research Communication
Michael Boock '08, Library
Paul Roberts '09, Zoology
Jerry A. Yamamuro '09, Civil, Construction & Environmental Engineering
Rob Armas '10, Services for Students with Disabilities

Ex-officio: University Librarian (Karyle Butcher)

Executive Committee Liaison: Len Friedman