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Faculty Senate

Academic Standing Committee

Standing Rules
The Academic Standing Committee is charged with the enforcement of the regulations on Satisfactory Academic Standing. In this regard the Committee has the authority to develop guidelines for the administration of these regulations. These guidelines are reviewed annually to ensure that they continue to serve the interests of the University community and that they reflect current University policies and procedures. The Committee has discretionary authority to grant exceptions to the regulations on Academic Standing. The Committee hears all requests for reinstatement exceptions following academic suspension, that meet the conditions detailed in the Academic Standing Committee's Policy Guideline #7. Upon request of the student, the Committee conducts a personal hearing to determine the causes of unsatisfactory performance and possible reinstatement and remedies. These personal hearings occur during Committee meetings to consider requests for reinstatement by exception, as needed each term prior to the last day to register. Hearings are scheduled prior to the last day to register, when at all possible. Once the Committee makes its decision on a request for reinstatement by exception, and the hearing is completed, the case is considered closed. After the Committee's decision has been recorded, an appeal may be submitted to the Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs. Should the Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs be out of the office on extended travel or have a conflict of interest he/she may refer the decision to the Provost of the University, the Vice Provost for Student Affairs, or the Associate Provost for Academic Success and Engagement. Appeals must be based solely on the original file reviewed and acted upon by the Committee. The Committee will re-open a case only if significant new information is presented to it.

The Committee consists of a minimum of seven and up to nine Faculty, up to three of whom may be retired faculty who are still employed part-time by the University, and two Student members, and the Registrar (or representative), ex-officio, non-voting. The committee chair is also a non-voting member, except in the case of a tie vote by Committee. Committee members involved in a student's request for exception may not participate in the vote.

(6/11; 5/05)