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Faculty Senate

Administrative Appointments Committee

2011-2012 Annual Report

Committee Membership
Eric Alexander, Chair '12 Student Affairs, Student Leadership & Involvement
Charlotte Headrick '12 Speech Communication
TBA (v. McAlexander) '12
Alex Sanchez '12 Education
Peggy Dolcini '13 Public Health
Kelly Kozisek '13 Procurement/Contract Services
TBA (v. Xing) '13
TBA '13
Michelle Eck '14 Mechanical Engineering
Ruth Vondracek '14 Library
Jonathan Kaplan '14 Philosophy
Doug Keszler '14 Chemistry

Executive Committee Liaison: Jack Higginbotham

Search Committee Activities in the 2011-12 Academic Year
The AAC was asked to provide input into six searches this year. The committee was consulted earlier in the process than in years past and was happy to engage the processes (though with our limited numbers we were often overwhelmed given our roles on other search committees as well). The six searches for which AAC was involved with specific AAC representatives are listed below:
  1. Dean of Honors College: Charlotte Hedrick
  2. Dean of the College of Science: Jon Dorbolo (from EC due to limited AAC numbers)
  3. Director of Human Resources: consulted, no AAC member to sit on committee
  4. Interim Dean of Science: Jonathan Kaplan
  5. Dean of Forestry: Ruth Vondracek
  6. Dean of Engineering: Doug Keszler
Follow-up from Past Recommendations
The AAC considered the following recommendations from the past year. Outcomes of those recommendations are noted:
  1. Hold an orientation for new AAC members, inviting the Faculty Senate President to join, at the beginning of Fall term;
    • OUTCOME: Initial AAC meeting was held at the beginning of the year. However, there is a need to enhance the type of curriculum to be utilized for training (see suggestions below).
  2. Conduct Search Advocate Training for all AAC Members
    • All members were encouraged to engage in Search Advocate training. Some members were able to participate.
  3. Schedule an end-of-the-year AAC meeting to debrief on searches for the year and draft the annual report collectively.
    • Completed on May 20, 2012.
Future Recommendations
To better perform AAC functions, current members have made the following recommendations for future committee members:
  1. Though we are glad to see the continued commitment to including AAC members in administrative appointment searches, AAC members need to be engaged earlier in process to truly act as search advocate (prior to PD being sent forward).
  2. There is a need to add 2-3 more members or we could use EC and AAC alumni as back-up.
  3. Search advocate training is critical. Since the AAC is trying to define the role it should play on search committees (beyond a faculty presence), we recommend that we target folks from the search advocate training to become AAC members.
  4. Orientation suggestions for the AAC:
    1. Discuss the history of AAC and the need for AAC membership on administrative search committees (given the shared governance model at OSU).
    2. Discuss the contributions to searches the AAC member plays (either as a faculty representative, as a search advocate, or both).
    3. Incorporate elements of Search Advocate training (connect with Anne Gillies, Office of Equity and Inclusion).

Respectfully Submitted,

Eric Alexander
Chair - Administrative Appointments Committee