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Faculty Senate

Administrative Appointments Committee

2000-2001 Annual Report

According to the Standing Rules, the Administrative Appointments Committee (AAC) represents the interests of the faculty as a whole and the university on Search Committees involving high level administrative positions. These positions include Deans, General Administration (Provost, Vice President, Vice Provost, Associate Provost), and other significant positions such as Registrar, Admissions Director, etc. The AAC representatives on such Search Committees are to monitor and review policies and procedures used in filling positions, and as appropriate the AAC is to make recommendations for changes in such policies and procedures to the Faculty Senate and to the President.

Although it does not rise to the level of recommendations, one suggestion is made for Faculty Senate Executive Committee consideration at the end of this report.

Due to the number of administrative position vacancies and searches during School Year 2000-2001, this was a very busy year for the Committee. The situation was complicated by the resignation of a member of the Committee (Vicki Tolar Burton) shortly before the school year began bringing the number of Committee members down from nine (the standard size of the Committee) to eight, and by the unavailability of two members (Mary Prucha, Alan Herlihy) for assignments during the first few months of the school year. An additional member of the Committee (Dick Schori) resigned at the end of November 2000.

Under these circumstances demand almost exceeded the supply of members available for assignment particularly during the first part of the school year but, thankfully, the Faculty Senate Office was able to locate faculty who were willing to be added to and actively serve on the Committee as the school year progressed (Mike Oriard, Rebecca Johnson, Tom Scheuermann). Nonetheless, as Committee chair, I felt that the Committee was understaffed, and in a September 2000 email to the Faculty Senate Office recommended increasing the size of the Committee to at least ten active members in the future. I addressed the issue again in a presentation made to the Faculty Senate during the January 11, 2001, meeting and suggested that perhaps as many as 12 faculty members should be appointed to future Administrative Appointments Committees.

At the end of the school year, the Administrative Appointments Committee consisted of:

Fred Obermiller, chair
Alan Herlihy
Rebecca Johnson
Bill Lunch
Mike Oriard
Mary Prucha
Greg Rorrer
Alex Sanchez
Tom Scheurermann
Mike Unsworth

Members of the Committee serving on Search Committees were as follows:

Vice Provost for Academic Affairs (Obermiller, Sanchez)
Associate Vice Provost for Academic Affairs (Obermiller, Sanchez)
Dean of the Graduate School (Prucha)
Dean of Health and Human Performance (Johnson)
Dean of Oceanography (Herlihy)
Dean of Science (Unsworth, Scheuermann)
Vice Provost for Research (Lunch, Oriard)
Assoc. Vice Pres. for Finance and Administration/Director of Facility Services (Scheuermann)

In addition to the above, during the school year there were searches underway for the Dean of Veterinary Medicine and the Dean of Business, but our Committee (at least as appointed for the 2000-2001 School Year) apparently was not represented on those Search Committees. Similarly, the Administrative Appointments Committee was not asked to provide potential Search Committee members for the positions to be filled on the Cascades Campus.

Shortly after Sabah Randhawa was appointed VPAA, I met with Gigi Bruce to review the types of positions for which the AAC was to provide representatives, and who those representatives might be for Search Committees appointed in the previous school year. I thought that the meeting clarified matters with respect to representation by type of position but not with respect to who were the members drawn from the previous school year's Committee.

As the chair of the AAC for the forthcoming school year, if it meets with the approval of the Executive Committee, I intend to again meet with Gigi and Sabah before the beginning of Fall Term 2001 to discuss and clarify the nature of the positions that fall within the scope of responsibility of the AAC. Another matter for our discussion should be the implementation of some mechanism such that AAC representation on appropriate Search Committees does not fall through the slats in the future.

My suggestion for Executive Committee consideration is to expand the size of the AAC from nine members (as at present) to twelve members. Presently, nine members have been appointed for the next school year. Will we be asked to provide nominees for Cascades Campus positions? How many Corvallis-based positions are to be vacated in 2001-2002? If our experience this past school year is repeated, it may be less a matter of whether we will exhaust our Committee resources, than when.<

Submitted by:

Fred Obermiller, chair 2000-2001

August 10, 2001