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Faculty Senate » Agendas » 1999 Agendas » April 8, 1999 Agenda


Thursday, April 8, 1999
Valley Football Center

2:30–3:00 PM
Athletics Question & Answer Session

3:00–5:00 PM
Faculty Senate Meeting

The agenda for the April Senate meeting will include the reports and other items of business listed below. To be approved are the minutes of the March Senate meeting, as published and distributed to Senators.

At 2:30 there will be a question and answer period with athletic department personnel Marci Ridpath, Mary Alice Stander, Marianne Vydra, and Beth Wellik and several student-athletes to discuss academic success of student athletes. All faculty are invited.

    1. OSBHE Nominees
      Carroll DeKock, IFS Senator, will talk about the process followed to select nominees to forward to the Governor for consideration as an appointee to the Oregon State Board of Higher Education and the Senate will be asked to endorse the nominees.
    2. OSU Award for Excellence in Service (p. 1)
      Laura Connolly, Faculty Recognition and Awards Chair, will present the attached proposal for a new award.
    3. Transit Resolution
      Jennifer Cornell will present the following transit resolution: WHEREAS, Oregon State University faculty may ride the bus for free in Corvallis as a benefit of employment;

      WHEREAS, Accepting this benefit, even if unused, confers upon faculty a moral responsibility to ensure that city transit workers receive adequate wages and benefits for their service;

      WHEREAS, Under the current contract, city transit workers earn considerably less than the prevailing wage for the region, and are among the lowest paid in the state of Oregon; therefore, be it

      Resolved, that the Faculty Senate supports the efforts of City Transit Workers in their campaign for a living wage.

    1. Education Reform
      Robby Robson, Education Reform Coordinator, will discuss education reform and answer questions.

    1. University Honors College
      Joe Hendricks, University Honors College Dean, will present a status report of the University Honors College.

    2. Legislative Update
      Orcilia Zuniga Forbes, Vice President for University Advancement, will present an update on legislative issues.

    1. IFS, AOF, AAUP Joint Meeting
      The joint meeting of IFS, AOF and AAUP will be held May 8 in the CH2M HILL Alumni Center. The meeting is scheduled between 8:00 AM and 1:00 PM with the formal meeting scheduled to begin at 9:00 AM following a continental breakfast. Program participants include Senator Brady Adams and Chancellor Joe Cox.

    President Ken Williamson


TO:               Ken Williamson
                    OSU Faculty Senate President

FROM:          Laura Connolly
                     Chair, Faculty Recognition and Awards Committee

DATE:            April 1, 1999

RE:                Proposed Award for Excellence in Service 

The awards presented each year at University Day recognize the exceptional performance of a broad 
spectrum of the campus community.  However, there is no award designed to recognize Professional 
Faculty.  In order to rectify this oversight, the 1995-96 Faculty Recognition and Awards Committee 
(FRAC) initiated a proposal for a new award, to be called the "OSU Award for Excellence in Service."  
The 1996-97 FRAC finalized this proposal, but the Faculty Senate has never approved it because a 
permanent source of funding could not be identified.  The criteria for the award are attached.

This year's FRAC has agreed to renew the effort to identify a source of funding for this award.  It is our 
intention to work with the OSU Management Association (OSUMA) and the Development Office to 
create a permanent endowment for this award.  In the meantime, we have asked for a small annual 
contribution from the President, the Deans of each College, and OSUMA, so that the important work 
of Professional Faculty will no longer go unrecognized.  Given the already substantial delay, we 
believe this is preferable to waiting until permanent funding is forthcoming.  Several people have 
agreed to donate funds, but we must set up a foundation account before these can be collected.

We are asking the Faculty Senate for two things at this time: 
	(1) approval of the award criteria
	(2) permission to open a foundation account for this award

Thank you for your consideration.

* * * * *


The Faculty Recognition and Awards Committee will consider the following evaluation criteria:

  • exceptional job performance
  • direct and significant involvement with and impact upon students, faculty, staff, or other university clientele
  • innovation or creativity in work
  • wide recognition by peers and colleagues of the quality of the nominee's work and service
  • professional achievement or activities
  • participation in university and community affairs
  • evidence of continued professional growth