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Faculty Senate » Agendas » 1999 Agendas » January 7, 1999 Agenda


Thursday, January 7, 1999
3:00-5:00 PM
Construction & Engineering Hall
LaSells Stewart Center

The agenda for the January Senate meeting will include the reports and other items of business listed below. To be approved are the minutes of the December Senate meeting, as published and distributed to Senators.

    1. Install Elected Officials
      Installation of President Kenneth Williamson; President-Elect Gordon Matzke; new Executive Committee members: Robert Burton, Stella Coakley, William Lunch, Bruce Sorte, and Dick Thies; Interinstitutional Faculty Senate representative, Gary Tiedeman; and newly-elected Senators.

    2. Approval of Parliamentarian
      Approve Robert Iltis, Department of Speech Communication, as Faculty Senate Parliamentarian.

    3. Category I Proposal
      Bob Burton, Curriculum Council Chair, will present three Category I proposals: a) Distance Delivery of the B.S. Degree in Environmental Sciences (pp. 1-31) b) Distance Delivery of the B.S. Degree in Natural Resources (pp. 32-59) The Category I proposal for the distance delivery of the B.S. degree in Natural Resources and the B.S. degree in Environmental Sciences proposals presented at the meeting have received approvals of the Curriculum Council and the Budgets and Fiscal Planning Committee. The Faculty Senate Executive Committee has reviewed these proposals and also endorses these proposals for approval.

      Both proposals have demonstrated (1) faculty consultation and course development, and (2) budgets that have strengthened the programs. The Executive Committee believes that the current proposals offer the commitment that appeared lacking when these proposals were first presented in January, 1998.

      c) The Oregon Master of Software Engineering (pp. 60-104)

      The Category I Proposal for The Oregon Master of Software Engineering provides for the Oregon State University Computer Science Department to participate in the statewide Master of Software Engineering degree program. At present, this program is concentrated at the Oregon Graduate Institute but is expected to expand to the other participating campuses. This Category I proposal would add Oregon State University as a participating institution along with the Oregon Graduate Institute and Portland State University. (The University of Oregon is processing a similar Category I proposal to become a participating institution.) The Executive Committee recognizes the approval of the proposal by Budgets & Fiscal Planning Committee, Curriculum Council, Graduate Council and the College of Engineering. The Executive Committee, after careful review, endorses this Category I proposal and recommends approval by the Faculty Senate.

    4. OSBHE Faculty Member Appointment (p. 105)
      Tony Wilcox will present the following information:

      1) An update of the resolution regarding the process for identifying candidates for the Oregon State Board of Higher Education (OSBHE) that was postponed at the December meeting.
      2) Candidates to be forwarded to the Interinstitutional Faculty Senate.

      The Executive Committee acted on behalf of the Faculty Senate in identifying the candidates to be forwarded to the Interinstitutional Faculty Senate. Without this action, Oregon State would not be able to meet the deadline identified by the Interinstitutional Faculty Senate. The Executive Committee recommends that the Faculty Senate endorse this slate of candidates.

    5. Funding Model Support (p. 106)
      A similar resolution in support of the OUS funding model that is being considered by faculty senates throughout the OUS system and by the Interinstitutional Faculty Senate. This resolution, if adopted, will be submitted to the Governor, all members of the Oregon Legislature and others concerned about the future of Oregon and its public higher education system.

    1. Research Initatives
      Vice Provost for Research, Wilson "Toby" Hayes, will present an update on OSU's emerging research agenda and involvement of faculty perspectives in the areas of research funding, communication, administration and undergraduate research experiences.

    2. Human Resource Information System
      Brad Dennis, Human Resource Information System (HRIS) Project Manager, will present an update on the new Banner HRIS implemented January 1, 1999. He will provide specific information on faculty payroll implementation.

    1. Benefits Survey
      Faculty are reminded to complete the benefits survey (by January 12) for information to be provided to the Public Employees' Benefit Board to assist them in understanding our needs and concerns as they develop a plan design for the year 2000 for health benefits. These surveys were distributed during the holiday break; however, if a copy of the survey is needed, contact Lois Courtney at 7-2086.

    2. Faculty Senate Handbook Update
      If continuing Senators would like an update for their handbook, please contact the Faculty Senate Office. Since experience has shown that the majority of Senators do not use the updated materials, they are being sent only on request.

    3. Martin Luther King Holiday Teach-in
      This year's celebration theme is "Replenishing the Dream: A Vision for the New Millennium." The celebration will take place between January 11 and 22. Faculty are being asked to set aside a portion of a class period, an "outside of class" discussion, a conversation on the holiday itself--when classes are not in session--or any kind of intellectual exercise that would educate and stimulate thought, including simply distributing readings.

      Teach-in materials will be available at the January Faculty Senate meeting. Celebration information will also available on the OSU home page web site. For more information, contact Linda Paschke at 737-6370 or Cherie Rusk at 737-7388.

    4. Faculty Senate Website
      The URL for the Faculty Senate Website is This site contains information about Senators, committees, agendas, minutes, etc.

    5. Committee/Council Annual Reports
      Annual Reports from 1997-98 have been received from the following Faculty Senate committees/ councils. Rather than publish the reports in the agenda, they will be available on the Faculty Senate website at by the end of January (select Committee/Councils from the left column and then select the individual committee).

      Academic Advising Council      Grievance Committee
      Academic Regulations Committee      Faculty Recognition & Awards Committee
      Academic Requirements Committee      Faculty Status Committee
      Academic Standing Committee      Graduate Admissions Committee
      Administrative Appointments Committee      Graduate Council
      Advancement of Teaching Committee      Instructional Development & Technology Comm.
      Baccalaureate Core Committee      Research Council
      Budgets & Fiscal Planning Committee      Student Recognition & Awards Committee
      Bylaws and Nominations Committee     Undergraduate Admissions Committee
      Committee on Committees      University Honors College Council
      Faculty Economic Welfare and Retirement Committee

    Roy Arnold, Provost & Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

    President Ken Williamson