In Case of a Power Outage


  1. Report the outage to the Department of Public Safety Dispatch Center at (541) 737-3010.
  2. Assist other building occupants to move to safe locations.
  3. Loss of power to fume hoods may require the evacuation of the building. If it is safe to do so, close the sash of the fume hood if power is lost.
  4. Evaluate the unit's work areas for hazards created by power outage. If it is safe to do so, secure hazardous materials and shut down hazardous processes, take actions to preserve human and animal safety and health, and take actions to preserve research.
  5. Turn off and/or unplug nonessential electrical equipment, computer equipment and appliances. Keep refrigerators and freezers closed throughout the outage to help keep them cold.
  6. Areas not served by emergency lighting will maintain flashlights in an accessible location.
  7. If the building or campus must be evacuated, follow evacuation procedures listed in Evacuation section of this website.



Source for Updates:


  • Oregon State University Information Line (541) 737-8000.
  • Alerts on Oregon State University home page.
  • Your supervisor, department/college administrator or building coordinator.