OSP Staff

The Oregon State Police of the University Patrol Office have the responsibility to provide all police services to the students, faculty and visitors to the Oregon State University Campus. Officers have full police powers to enforce all State Laws. They conduct criminal investigations, have power to arrest for traffic and criminal violations of the law and are proactive in campus safety programs. OSP has primary jurisdiction on all Oregon State University owned properties throughout the State of Oregon.

The Oregon State Police provide law enforcement services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with a compliment of 10 officers. OSP endeavors to provide quality law enforcement and educational programs complementary to the University mission of education, research and community services. The State Police work closely with local law enforcement agencies in a collaborative effort to prevent regional crime and the apprehension of criminal suspects.

The Oregon State University Campus Community is a place to grow academically and personally. The University Campus, like any other community, has its share of accidents, crimes and injuries. The Oregon State Police, the Department of Public Safety and the Campus Administration are committed to providing the highest standard of professionalism and services on behalf of this great University and the surrounding community we serve.

Oregon State Police Staff

Lt. Teresa Bloom, Station Commander
Sgt. Eric Judah, Assistant Station Commander
Sr. Trooper I. Gardner
Sr. Trooper N. Johnson
Sr. Trooper C. Graves
Sr. Trooper H. Meyr  
Trooper B. Gardner
Trooper R. Vu 
Trooper J. Wolfenbarger
Recruit Trooper M. Richmond