DPS Staff

Department of Public Safety Staff

A safe and secure environment is made possible through each member of the Oregon State University community's involvement in crime prevention and sensible behavior. The Department of Public Safety assists the members of the community in creating a good environment by having a well trained staff, policy enforcement, providing educational programs regarding security and risk reduction, as well as assisting its members in problem solving.

All officers of the Department of Public Safety are private citizens and are designated Persons in Charge by the Oregon State University administration. Under ORS 352.360 and as limited by management, Public Safety employees shall have the authorities and immunities provided by this statute to enforce Oregon Administrative Rules pertaining to parking, bicycle, skate, in-line skates, skateboard and scooter regulations. Public Safety employees who have been commissioned as Special Campus Safety Officers under ORS 352.385 shall have the authorities and immunities provided by this statute and shall perform the duties of this assignment as defined by management.

Each officer is required to attend the Department of Public Safety Standards, Training Academy and undergo continuing training to upgrade their skills. Officers are trained in first aid, CPR and emergency medical procedures as first responders. Department of Public Safety officers patrol Oregon State University campus and residential areas on bicycles, on foot and in a cruiser 24 hours a day and are responsible for the protection and safety of persons, property and buildings on campus. They accomplish their mission through regular patrols of buildings and grounds and through campus crime prevention and safety education programs. They also conduct investigations, respond to campus incidents, building alarms, injuries or illnesses, fires, safety hazards, and calls for assistance: enforce University regulations; and coordinate with OSP on campus to provide assistance as needed.

Department Patches

Department Patches are not available for sale or trade.

Administrative Staff

Denson Chatfield, Director
Chuck Yutzie, Lieutenant
Jacque Allen, Sergeant
Pat Corwin, Records Specialist
Autumn Jordan, Program Coordinator 
Bob Brown, Program Coordinator


Stephanie Howard, Lead
Randi Dodge, Alarms
Derek Down
Amy Johnson
Audrey Macken
Travis Rice
Scott Simmons

Special Campus Public Safety Officers

Scott Andrade
Steve Beaudoin
Jared Bilyeu 
Kevin Frahm
Nick Larsen
Cailie Lemoine
Joshua Lane

Campus Public Safety Officers

Mark Becker