Security Tracking of Office Propoperty


Stop tags are tamper-proof security plates with a barcode and indelible tattoo. The tags are pre-printed with information that ownership of the property is permanently monitored and explains that a police traceable tattoo is beneath the plate. Once applied to a piece of property it takes approximately 800 lbs. of pressure to remove the tag. If the tag is successfully removed, it leaves a tattoo on the asset with the words Stolen Property and a telephone number. In the event of a loss, the police can easily identify recovered property and return it to its rightful owner. These tags are ideal for equipment that cannot be cabled down, or may be in a location that cannot be adequately secured. Laptops, projectors and small or easily portable property are excellent candidates for STOP Tags.

The STOP Tag program is being coordinated by the Department of Public Safety. Tags are available to students at a cost of $12 which must be paid by check or money order. Please make checks or money orders payable to OSU Business Services. The price for Stop Tags for OSU departments is $12 and purchases must be made using the department index number.  Public Safety staff will apply the tags. Please call 541-737-3010 or 7-3010 and ask for the Crime Prevention Officer for more information.