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Alcohol and Drugs on Campus

Oregon State University operates a zero tolerance policy for use of
alcohol by minors on campus. Minors using alcohol on campus may be
subject to arrest, citation and/or student judicial proceedings.
Driving under the influence and the sale or distribution of alcohol to
minors is also a criminal offense and persons involved in these
activities are subject to arrest.

The University strictly regulates any alcohol use on campus. A
permit must be obtained for events held on campus. Student life
policies provide regulations for use of alcohol by persons aged 21 or
older in the housing units and for student activities.

OSU policies and state law prohibits the unlawful possession, use, manufacture or distribution of illegal drugs.

The following statement is included in the Residential Life Handbook
& Planner that is issued to every residential student and available
on the University Housing & Dining Services Web Page:

Alcoholic Beverages

The consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted in individual
residence rooms on the University premises at the discretion of the
occupants and in accordance with state law. Also in accordance with
state law, the consumption of alcohol is not permitted in public and
common areas. Please refer to the University's guidelines found in the
Fall Term Schedule of Classes.

All students, faculty, and staff are expected to know and abide by
the state laws and University policies regarding the use of alcoholic

In the State of Oregon it is illegal to possess or consume alcoholic
beverages if you are under the age of 21. It is also illegal to provide
alcoholic beverages to anyone under 21 or to anyone (regardless of age)
who is visibly intoxicated. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in
public or "common" areas either inside or outside of the buildings.
Common areas include outside entry or adjacent sidewalk areas, all
lounges, lobbies, kitchenettes, recreation rooms, entertainment areas,
hallways, bathrooms, stairways, elevators, and laundry rooms. In
addition, a student room with an open door is considered a common area
when the room is open to the general view of people in the corridor.

Only students of legal drinking age can have alcoholic beverages in their residence halls and cooperative rooms.

If you are under 21, you are not allowed by law to possess or
consume alcoholic beverages. Violations of this law and corresponding
residence hall policies will be handled through the residence hall, the
cooperative house, the University disciplinary system, or may be
referred directly to the University Police. Police services on campus
are provided by the Oregon State Police (OSP), who have full power of
arrest for violations of state and local laws.

If you are 21 or older, you may have alcohol in your room. The
intent of this policy is to allow people of legal age to have small
amounts of alcohol for individual consumption in the privacy of their
rooms. Large quantities of alcoholic beverages are prohibited in
University-owned facilities at all times. This includes kegs, pony
kegs, party balls, cases, gallons, and any other amount that is
intended for group rather than individual use.

Because of the special program in Finley Hall (The Wellness Hall),
all residents, regardless of age, are prohibited from the possession or
use of alcohol.

"Illegal alcohol," as defined by quantity, location, or age of user,
may be confiscated or poured out at the request of Residential Life

If you have any questions or concerns about alcohol use, you are
encouraged to talk with Residential Life staff members and attend the
alcohol and health education programs sponsored within the residence
halls, the cooperative houses, and on campus.

The Student Health Services Center, Counseling Center, and Mental
Health Clinic also have trained staff who can provide information,
assistance, and counseling. For more information on alcohol and other
drugs, read the Alcohol Beverage Policy available in Student
Involvement (MU East), or read the OSU publication entitled "Drug and
Alcohol Issues: A Resource Guide for Students and Staff."

Listed below are three statements of the policy regarding the
possession, use, and sale of alcoholic beverages at Oregon State
University and the enforcement of the state laws and university
policies. All statements can be found on the OSU Web Pages.




These guidelines govern the conditions under which alcoholic
beverages may be consumed in areas other than housing units on the
university campus. Regulations concerning use of alcoholic beverages by
students in university housing units and by recognized student
organizations are in OAR 576-018-0230 to 0260, and OAR 576-015-0015.
Copies are available through the Student Involvement office. The
university cautions against the excessive use of alcoholic beverages,
and in the matters referred to in these rules expects all persons
serving or consuming alcoholic beverages to take responsibility for
adherence to all applicable laws and regulations, including the
regulations of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission.




(1) The goal of Oregon State University is to provide students with
a general education so they will acquire knowledge, skill and wisdom to
deal with and contribute to contemporary society in constructive ways.
Policies, procedures, and regulations are formulated to guarantee each
student's freedom to learn and to protect the fundamental rights of
others. The assumption upon which these regulations are based is that
all persons must treat all persons with dignity and respecting order
for scholarship to thrive.

(2) In addition to the regulations set forth below, students must follow the academic and

Professional standards of the academic units.

Stat. Auth.: ORS 351.070

Stats. Implemented: ORS 351.070

Possession or consumption of alcohol beverages by persons under 21
years of age, or furnishing of alcoholic beverages to persons under 21
years, on University owned or controlled property or at University
sponsored or supervised activities. Individuals of legal drinking age
in recognized student housing may possess and consume alcoholic
beverages only in their private rooms, and dispensing devices such as
kegs and taps, and large containers such as "party balls," are not
permitted. Use of alcohol in any other campus location is prohibited
unless specifically authorized in OAR 576-060-0010, which governs the
conditions under which alcoholic beverages may be consumed in areas
other than housing units on the University campus. Regulations
concerning use of alcoholic beverages by students in University housing
units and by recognized student organizations off campus are detailed
in the Student Life Policy and Regulations section "Scheduling Social,
Recreational, or Educational Events."