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Webmaster/Social Media Coordinator

OSU RHA executive officers
You are only limited by your creativity and your imagination with this position.

Run for this position if you enjoy.

  • Taking lots of pictures ranging from events to people to meetings to informational talks.
  • Using various social media outlets to inform students about what is going on with RHA (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.).
  • Creating trends using Hashtags and pictures, posters and whatever else you can imagine
  • Networking with the Residence Halls and UHDS staff to inform the students about what is happening on campus

Officially the Webmaster responsibilities are

  1. Maintain and update the RHA website and social media including the Facebook page and Twitter account and any other resources utilized by the RHA.
  2. Attend the RHA Executive Council meetings weekly to receive updates, feedback, and other necessary information.
  3. Responsible for providing transitional information about the Webmaster position to the next Webmaster-Social Media Coordinator.
  4. Be a current student at OSU and live on-campus.
  5. Receive payment on a per-term basis as stated by the RHA budget. Receive compensation for the Fall term following their appointment through the end of the Spring term of the same academic year (eg. Fall 2013-Spring 2014).
  6. Shall have access to all relevant Hall Council social media and work with Hall Council Webmasters or other relevant positions, to ensure that correct and legally appropriate information is posted.
    Special Note!!
  • This position may be held at the same time with another Executive Officer position.