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Vice President

OSU RHA executive officers
I ran for VP because student voices are important to me

Run for this position if you enjoy.

  • Do you like planning meetings with co-workers, advising with peers, planning social events and making relationships with people across campus?
  • Would you like to someday be in a management position or get experience with student leadership, the VP is for you?
  • Officially the Vice President responsibilities are

    1. Second to the President of the RHA and will assume the duties of President in the absence of the President.
    2. Assist in supervising and supporting the Executive Officers
    3. Preside over the Executive Council meetings
    4. Member of all committees and councils of the RHA.
    5. Responsible for training newly elected Vice-Presidents (excluding those that are Activities Coordinators).
    6. Responsible for coordinating a large event during Connect week.
    7. Coordinate publicity to inform new students about Hall Council formation at the beginning of each year.
    8. Liaise with Residence Directors to help coordinate Hall Council elections.
    9. Responsible for organizing mid-year Hall Council training in collaboration with the Executive Council.
    10. Coordinate the planning of the Awards Night in collaboration with the Executive Council.
    11. Responsible for maintaining the RHA Equipment Check-out System.
    12. Maintain the RHA e-mail by answering and forwarding e-mails as necessary (including all breaks).