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Being a Secretary/Treasurer has taught me to pay attention to even the smallest details

Do you think you have what it takes to be a Sec/Treas?

  • You might be a Sec/Treas if you manage your time efficiently.
  • You might be a Sec/Treas if you keep a budget of your finances.
  • You might be a Sec/Treas if you have a creative mind filled with ideas.
  • You might be a Sec/Treas if you’re known as the “reliable” one among your friends/coworkers.
  • You might be a Sec/Treas if you can communicate effectively with others.
  • Officially the Secretary/Treasurer responsibilities are

    1. Responsible for the RHA’s financial records and accounts subject to the approval of the President’s Council.
    2. Provide the President’s Council and Executive Council with an income/expense sheet the first week of every month excluding July, August, and September.
    3. Must provide each HC with written or electronic notification of missed President’s Council or GA meetings and RHA events and appropriate charges.
    4. Responsible for accurately maintaining and updating the RHA’s e-mail list serves.
    5. Provide the RHA President and Advisor with a copy of the preceding month’s expenditures at the first of each month.
    6. Keep all accounts up to date.
    7. Reconcile the RHA expenditure and income records monthly with account listings from the Memorial Union Business Office.
    8. Keep all necessary receipts.
    9. See all branches of the RHA stay within their approved budgets.
    10. Update the Memorandum of Understanding between the RHA and UHDS in regards to the RHA Executive Officer compensation.
    11. Provide training throughout the year for hall Treasurers and Presidents in setting up and understanding their hall accounts.
    12. Form a budget committee consisting of the Executive Council members and at least two representatives from each President’s Council and General Assembly.
    13. Assist the Executive Council in setting up budgets for all activities of the RHA.
    14. Maintain an accurate record of all proceedings at meetings of the RHA, and make those records available in an electronic format to a list of individuals as decided by the RHA Executive Council, before the next meeting those minutes were taken from.