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OSU RHA executive officers
Being President has given me so many opportunities to grow and learn how I can impact the OSU community

Do you think you might be Presidential material?

  • Do you like talking in front of people?
  • Does the thought of taking trips across the country to represent OSU excite you?
  • Are you a Parli Pro Pro?
  • Are you able to balance work with academics effectively?
  • Do you have a natural background in student leadership?
  • Do you have visionary ideas for groups?
  • Are you the one in a group project that has the most ideas?
  • Do you like business attire?
  • Officially the President responsibilities are

    1. Is Chief Executive of the RHA with ultimate responsibility for all of its activities and duties.
    2. Responsible for the training of newly elected Hall Councils and Presidents.
    3. Preside over President’s Council and General Assembly meetings:
    4. Act as a liaison officer between the RHA and UHDS, ASOSU and other organizations
    5. Responsible for coordinating a Student – RHA/UHDS Administration open forum a minimum of once per year.
    6. Supervise preparation of the RHA budget
    7. Coordinate the revision of the RHA Constitution for approval by the President’s Council during the first four weeks of Spring term.
    8. See that all members of the RHA follow the guidelines set by the RHA Constitution and the PC’s stated policies.
    9. Responsible for the creation of documents for the use in publicity to be used as needed (such as for the UHDS Policy Guide).
    10. Shall welcome students at Convocation.
    11. Ultimately responsible for all of the hall governments and their actions, while assisting in the coordination and development of the Residence Hall governments.