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National Communications Coordinator

Explore the world…

What does the NCC do?

The NCC’s job is to keep in contact with Universities around to world. The NCC’s job is to be the voice of OSU on a larger scale like the region and the globe. In the role of NCC you get to travel to conferences and vote on legislation which have an impact on the Residence Hall Associations and Hall Councils all over. If you want to get free travel network and get experience with in board room settings the NCC is for you.

Officially the National Communications Coordinator responsibilities are

  1. Coordinate selection committee for Pacific Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls (PACURH), No Frills, and National Association of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH) conference delegations.
  2. Responsible for holding meetings for the purpose of coordinating the registration and transportation of conference delegates.
  3. Act as a liaison between schools at the regional and national level.
  4. Act as the PACURH and NACURH liaison, and follow all PACURH and NACURH guidelines.
  5. Write and submit a recognition bid by the No Frills Conference deadline that meets all criteria and is accepted.
  6. Responsible for the re-affiliation process with NACURH by the end of the NACURH Conference.
  7. Retrieve and present to PC or GA at least two documents per term from the Resource File Index each year.
  8. Attend the monthly Regional Online Chat as organized by the PACURH Director.
  9. Attend all PACURH, No Frills, and NACURH conferences during term of office.