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About Us

Our goal as the Residence Hall Association, RHA, is to create a sense of community to the students living in the residence halls that we serve at Oregon State University.

We provide the students with ample opportunities to interact with the people around them through diverse programs and events. Through these events we are a conduit to fun, friends, and learning.

We hope the community we create will leave a lasting impression on our residences and facilitate friendships that will last a lifetime.

Our purpose

The mission of RHA is to coordinate and sponsor activities relevant to the residence halls and to represent all the members living within them.

RHA is a venue for communication and representation between its members, all of the residence halls at Oregon State University, University Housing and Dinning Services, Student Affairs, other student organizations, and several other offices at Oregon State University.

What You Can Do?

We’d love to see our residents get involved with their hall councils! Not only is it a great resume builder, it will also provide an opportunity to work on leadership skills. You could aslo volunteer to help at some or all of our events. It might even involve a free T-Shirt!

What Can RHA Do For You?

RHA can make your time as a resident on campus a memorable experience to keep for the rest of your college career. Through RHA and the Hall Councils, there are plenty of resources and opportunities available to help you get involved and have fun.

We can do a lot to help you and you help us immensely. The only limits to what RHA can do for you are the limits you set for us.

Want to Chat?

We’d love to talk to you? Check out our office hours then stop by our office to see one of us. Our office is located in Housing and Dinning Central Office (102 Buxton Hall). However, the best way to catch us is to come to one of our programs and see us at work! Anytime that you make your voice heard you influence your community. So speak up!

Mission Statement

It is the purpose of the RHA to represent the members of the RHA in any and all matters of concern to those members, and to coordinate and/or sponsor activities relevant to the residence halls. The RHA shall also be a vehicle for communication and representation between its members, the various halls, other student organizations, ASOSU, University Housing and Dining Services, Vice Provost for Student Affairs, and other offices of the university.