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What Do Rangeland Professionals Do?

Rangeland management is a unique discipline that blends science and management for the purpose of sustaining valuable rangelands. The primary goal of rangeland management is to protect and enhance a sustainable ecosystem that provides forage for wildlife and livestock, clean water and recreation on public and private land. In order to achieve these results, professionals may use a variety of techniques such as controlled burning and grazing regimes. Balancing soil productivity, plant physiology and climate conditions are primary functions in the planning, monitoring and assessment activities involved with rangeland management. In addition to the maintenance of healthy ecosystems, rangeland professionals assess and implement rehabilitation and land reclamation techniques following drastic disturbances such as wildfires, droughts, floods and extractions of minerals, oil and gas.

This is an exciting time to earn a degree in Rangeland Ecology and Management! The OSU College of Agricultural Sciences believes there are about three jobs for every one of our graduates. So, who hires our graduates? Some of the people and agencies hiring our graduates include:

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