Merilynn Hirsch, Doctoral

Contact Information:

Oregon State University
Department of Rangeland Ecology and Management
307B Strand Agricultural Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331-2218
Phone: 541-737-1623

Current Research and Interests:

Understanding how the above and below ground mechanisms may drive seeding failures in degraded and/or invaded semi-arid ecosystems

Examining how species invasions and monocultures may modify plant-soil feedback cycles

Identifying and evaluating ecologically based management strategies and tools that successfully restore degraded rangelands

Academic Training:

M.S. Wildland Resources with an emphasis in Range Science: Utah State University 2011

B.S. Rangeland Ecosystems with minors in Soil Science, Water Science, and International Studies:    University of Nebraska-Lincoln 2008

Relevant Publications and Presentations:

Hirsch, M.C., T.A. Monaco, C.A. Call, and C.V. Ransom. (2011) Comparison of herbicides for reducing annual grass emergence in two Great Basin soils. Rangeland Ecology and Management. in press.

Hirsch, M.C., T.M. Monaco, C.A. Call, and C.V. Ransom. 2011. Experimental comparison of pre-emergence herbicides for reducing annual grass emergence in two Great Basin, USA Soils. 64th Annual Society for Range Management Meeting, Billings, MT.

Hirsch, M.C. and T.M. Monaco. 2010. Process-based approaches to managing downy brome in salt desert shrublands: assessing pre- and post- rehabilitation soil and vegetation attributes. Society for Range Management, Utah Section Meeting, Logan, UT.

Hirsch, M.C., T.M. Monaco and C.A. Call. 2010. Strong association between downy brome abundance and soil properties: a landscape quantification of patch heterogeneity. 16th Annual Wildland Shrub Symposium, Logan, UT.

Hirsch, M.C. and T.M Monaco. 2010. Soil microsite variation of salt desert shrublands invaded by downy brome in Utah. Graduate Research Seminar Poster, Utah State University, Logan, UT.

Hirsch, M.C., W.H. Schacht, and D. Brink. 2007, 2008. Mineral content of cattle diets under two grazing systems. Society for Range Management Undergraduate Research Seminar, Lincoln, NE.