Part III: Section B
Building a Photographic Frame
6. Steps 9-10

Step 9: Building the Label Board

The label board is created from a clipboard attached to one side of the frame. This displays the date, field name, and transect or exclosure number in addition to any other desired information. To begin, the interior of the slip tee connector needs to be smoothed so that it is easier to slide it up one of the sides of the vertical frame. You can do this with an electric drill, as demonstrated below.


You can then attach the slip tee connector to a previously measured and cut length of PVC pipe that fits neatly behind the clipboard. This is done by drilling three holes through the clipboard into the pipe and bolting them together, as shown below.

Next, slide the label board onto one side of the 1.7m-high vertical frame. You can screw this together for support or you can leave it able to rotate freely (with a degree of force applied) to allow adjustment, as shown below.

Step 10: Putting the Platform Together

Finally, assemble all parts as shown below.


The stand is transported easily to and from a field site because it can easily be dismantled. It is lightweight, easily balanced, and can be carried between sampling sites within a field.

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