Part II: Section B
Using GPS Technology
4.4 Conclusions

For the purpose of delineating areas grazed by geese in grass seed fields, accuracy is relatively important. We believe, however, that locations within 4 or 5 meters are not going to matter very much. Sometimes the boundaries between grazed and ungrazed areas are not distinct. Therefore, when taking GPS points with the Magellan unit, it is best to add a buffer of a swath or a combine pass area around the grazed area (5 to 6 meters). Thus we make sure that the affected area is included. One final recommendation: when using the Magellan unit, it is important to get the WAAS signal that appears on the display before recording any position.

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1. What is GPS?
2.How Does GPS Work?
3. Instuctions for Using SporTrak GPS Recievers
4. Performance Testing
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5. Glossary
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