Part II: Section A
Using GIS Technology
4. Findings/Summary

The final step in assessing goose damage on crop yields is the findings/summary (Figure IIA-31). Maps, graphs, and reports are all products of GIS analysis. These documents summarize findings, highlight relationships, and provide field statistics. They are a way to communicate and summarize the analysis results. Meaningful maps and charts are the final products from your analysis.

Figure IIA-31: Steps required for assessing goose damage on crop yields.

4.1 Maps

Maps can be created that provide valuable information (Figures IIA-32 and IIA-33). Maps provide a visualization of spatial data.

Figure IIA-32: Yield map generated in the ArcGIS program.
Figure IIA-33: Yield map generated in the Idrisi program.
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4. Findings/Summary
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