Part II: Section A
Using GIS Technology
2. Data Collection and Manipulation

Data collection is the largest part of any GIS project, and it is the first step in monitoring and assessing goose damage on grain/seed yield. Data collection is the process of gathering pertinent information about a farm field, including any factors that may hinder plant growth.

The required data will be obtained from several sources. The majority of the information is collected on the farm with a GPS unit, and the additional data is available from private and public sources. The Internet is quickly becoming a repository for much of this data, some of which is free. The data collection process is diagramed below ( Figure IIA-2) .

Figure IIA-2: Detailed steps required for assessing goose damage on crop yields.

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1. Introduction
2. Data Collection
- 2.1 Base Maps
- 2.2 Yield Factor Maps
- 2.3 Yield Map

3. Data Analysis
4. Findings/Summary
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