Part I: Section A
9.2 Other Instructions and Recommendations Related to Exclosures
  Put a 1-foot wooden stake (Figure IA-9) into the ground at each exclosure’s corner. It should be driven in with only 1 inch remaining above the ground. This stake will help you locate the exclosure after it has been removed (see third point below).

Figure IA-9: A bundle of 50 1-foot wooden stakes.

  The corner of each exclosure should be geo-positioned with a GPS unit (Figure IA- 10). This allows for the overlay of these points on the base map and subsequent use as a reference to extract yield data inside exclosures.

Figure IA-10: Using GPS unit to locate the 4 corners of the exclosure.

  As soon as geese leave the area (migrate north in the spring), exclosures should be removed. Removal is much easier before the grass grows up and into the wire.
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