Part I: Section A
9.1 Step-by-Step Instructions for Installing an Exclosure
  Select an exclosure location. For wheat and newly seeded perennial grass seed fields, it is easy to trace sprayer equipment wheels. For established perennial grasses, we simply choose a uniform area.
  Pound in the first corner post as illustrated below.
  Using a tape measure, measure distance for subsequent corner posts (65-foot length and 20-foot width), as demonstrated below.
  Put a fiberglass post at each corner. The post should be placed between two rows, as illustrated below.
  Attach chicken wire to the first corner. Tie the chicken wire to the first post then stretch the chicken wire to the next corner post, as demonstrated below.
  Have one person tie the chicken wire to the first post while the other one stretches the chicken wire to the next corner post.
  Slide the chicken wire onto the second post.
  Attach the chicken wire to the post at the third corner using the same process described above (the standard length of the chicken wire, 150 feet, allows coverage of two sides and one end. An additional 20 feet of chicken wire is needed to close the fourth side (other end) of the exclosure.
  Once the wire has been placed around the four corners, the wire is loose (not erect). To hold the wire up, place three posts in each long side (length) and one post in each short side (width or end), as illustrated below.
  Posts should be pounded such that the top of the post is the same height as the wire mesh (24 inches), as illustrated below.
  Attach the top strand of chicken wire to the fiberglass posts by hooking the wire into the insulator at the top of the post, as shown below.
  To provide an additional visual barrier, attach flourescent tape to the top of the wire at various locations around the exclosure, as illustrated below.

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