Amy Peters, Extension Agent, Livestock/Dairy/Forages

Area Extension Agent, Livestock/Dairy/Forages

Coos Extension Service
631 Alder Street
Myrtle Point, OR

Phone: 541-572-5263
Fax: 541-572-5963


Effect of ensiling poison hemlock
Dairy economic analysis - organic vs.
Nutrient content of select weeds in Oregon
Chemical control
options for Japanese knotweed
Armyworm control in pastures
blackberry biological control
Selenium fertilization of pastures
of nitrogen fertilization to pastures (T-Sum 200)
Development of a regional
dairy manure digester
Biological control of gorse

Selected Publications

Pirelli, G., S. Filley, A. Peters, M. Porath, T. Downing, M. Bohle, and J.
Carr. 2004. Early spring forage production for Western Oregon Pastures, EM

Peters, A. 2004. Development of a regional dairy manure digester in
Southwestern Oregon. IN: Western Region County Agents Professional Improvement
Conference, Las Vegas, NV.

Peters, A., R. Sheley, and M. Borman. 2004. Noxious Weeds on Rangelands,
Cow-Calf Management Guide and Cattle Producer’s Library, CL 542.

Peters, A. and K. Higgs. 2004. Assessing Phosphorous and Potassium on Coos
County Dairies, National Association of County Agricultural Agents Annual
Meeting and Professional Improvement Conference, Orlando, FL.

Ruddell, A.P., N.R. Harris, E.M. Coombs, and D.E. Johnson. 1999. Evaluation
of technological methods to monitor the spread of the gorse spider mite in
Oregon. IN: Proc. IPM of Oregon: Achievements and Future Directions, Corvallis,


Weed Control
Pasture Management