Dr. Michael Borman, Department Head and Extension Specialist

Michael BormanOregon State University
Department of Rangeland Ecology and Management
106 Withycombe Hall
Corvallis, Oregon 97331-2218

Phone: 541-737-1614
Fax: 541-737-4174
E-mail: michael.borman@oregonstate.edu


Department Head and Extension Specialist in the Deptartment of Rangeland Ecology and Management. Interests include riparian assessment and management, grazing management, animal behavior, weed ecology and management.

Current Research

Site characteristics for riparian vegetation.
Monitoring goose-grazing impacts on crops.

Selected Publications

Leonard, S, G. Kinch, V. Elsbernd, M. Borman and S. Swanson. 1997. Riparian area management: Grazing management for riparian-wetland areas. Tech. Ref. 1737-14. USDI-BLM, National Applied Resource Sciences Center, Denver, CO. 63 p.

Anderson, E. W., M. M. Borman and W. C. Krueger. 1998. Ecological Provinces of Oregon: A treatise on the Basic Ecological Geography of the State. Oregon Agric. Expt. Sta. SR. 990. Corvallis, OR. 138 p.

Clausnitzer, David W., Michael M. Borman, and Douglas E. Johnson. 1999. Competition between squirreltail (Elymus elymoides) and medusahead (Taeniatherum caput-medusae). Weed Science 47:720-728.

Borman, Michael M., Mounir Louhaichi, Douglas E. Johnson, William C. Krueger, Russell S. Karow, and David R. Thomas. 2002. Yield mapping to document goose grazing impacts on winter wheat. Agronomy Journal 94(5):1087-1093.

Borman, Michael and Larry Larson. 2003. A case study of river temperature response to agricultural land use and environmental thermal patterns. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 58:8-12.

Totals for last 5 years: 3 peer-reviewed (2 additional submitted); 15 "other professional publications"; 9 published abstracts; 1 book; 2 book chapters; 11 Extension publications (or chapters within); 5 popular articles.