Ray Jaindl

Ray JaindlRay Jaindl is the Administrator for the Natural Resources Division at the Oregon Department of Agriculture. The division is responsible for the Agricultural Water Quality Management program, Confined Animal Feeding Operation program, Smoke Management program which is responsible for field burning in the Willamette Valley, and for Soil And Water Conservation District Support. The agency is a member of the network of state and federal agencies that works with agricultural interests and natural resource issues. The division continuously interacts with this partnership or agencies to maximize assistance to landowners.

Between December 1994 and October 1997, Ray was the rangeland and riparian specialist for the agency. Prior to working for ODA, Ray's experience included: leader of an interdisciplinary team developing a synthesis and research framework on the deteriorating ecosystem health in the Blue Mountains of Northeast Oregon; research associate with the Department of Rangeland Resources, Oregon State University for a range analysis on the South Snake Range, Nevada, through a contract with the National Park Service; biologist in Cameroon, West Africa (Peace Corps); and, fish farming extension specialist in Zaire, Africa (Peace Corps).

Ray's education includes a B.S. in Wildlife Biology from the University of Montana (1978) and a Ph.D. in Rangeland Resources from Oregon State University (1988).