Katherine Haugan

I obtained my degree in Natural Resource Science from UCC (now Thompson
Rivers University) in Kamloops.  I worked as a research technician at OSU
for 8 months, then as a faculty research assistant for another year.  I
began my masters program at OSU in the fall of 2001, and defended in January
2004.  Looking back, I'm amazed how quickly time has gone! 

I moved to Peace River, in northern Alberta, in late January
2004.  It was the coldest day of the year here, -45 C.  The cold snap
lasted about 2 weeks, and I wondered often what kind of horrible mistake had I
made?  The bright side of arriving in that kind of weather is that everything
since has been much easier!  The town of Peace River is located on
the  river of the same name, and has a rich history dating back
to  the  fur trade days.  We are in the northern mixedwood
area of the Boreal Forest.  It is a beautiful landscape dominated by
aspen, spruce, and muskeg.  

I began my job with Sustainable Resource Development (Alberta Provincial
Government) in February 2004.  I work as a rangeland agrologist, and my
primary focus is to manage  agriculture activities on public
land.  I conduct range health assessments on  grazing
leases , and describe and assess soils for agricultural suitability. 
I also provide extension services to clients and the general public, and I work
with lease holders, industry and other interested parties to integrate multiple
uses on public land.   Projects outside of my regular duties
include a Forest Health Factsheet  I developed in
partnership with one of our Range Management Specialists.  This factsheet
is part of a series that will be used as one of our extension tools when
working with our clients.  It describes, in layman's terms, the key
indicators of forest health that we examine in our rangeland health
assessments.   I am  also  involved in a
riparian grazing demonstration project  in partnership with Ducks
Unlimited Canada , and a local beef producer.  Our goal is to
demonstrate that  it is possible to successfully
manage livestock grazing in riparian areas.    Using
one of the Ducks Unlimited properties in our area, we developed off-site
watering and used GPS collars to track cattle movement.  We are just
starting data analysis now.  

I volunteer with a couple of different organizations; the Critical Incident
Peer Support team through work, and the local Search and Rescue
group.  After so much moving with university, I have very much
enjoyed settling in to my community.  I love the people and landscapes of
the Peace area, but the best thing that has happened in the Peace Country
is David.   He said he knew from the moment he saw me; the first
moment I saw him I thought "any man that handsome is
trouble."  We were married in Vernon, BC on August 31,
2006.  And the rest is history in the making...

Kathy Lowson Haugan