Ed Whitelaw

Ed Whitelaw Professor

University of Oregon
Department of Economics

President, ECONorthwest

Research Specialty:

Urban and regional economics, resource and enviornmental economics, and the economic consequences of policy decisions.

Consortium Interests:

Has been a professor of economics at the University of Oregon since 1967. Founded ECONorthwest, an economics and financial consulting firm, in 1974. Whitelaw's research has focused on the relationship between ecosystems and regional economies, integrating economics and resource-conservation strategies, and the analysis of economic costs, benefits, impacts, and enviormental externalities of resource-management policies.

Phone:  541-687-0051
FAX:  541-344-0562
Email:  ed.whitelaw@eugene.econw.com


ECONorthwest, Inc.
99W 10th Avenue, Suite 400
Eugene, OR 97401-3001

Educational Background:

Ph.D. - Economics, MIT
B.A. - Mathematics, Economics, Political Science