Dixon Landers

Dixon Landers Senior Research Environmental Scientist

U.S. Enviromental Protection Agency

Research Interests:

Leads EPA's watershed/ecoregion project within the Pacific Northwest Research Program. Interested in understanding and quantitatively linking key aquatic processes across multiple spatial and temporal scales. It is essential that techniques are developed and tested that relate indicators of ecological processes across different scales and that these indicators are sensitive to the anticipated suite of natural and anthropogenically caused changes that are expected to impact these systems in the coming decades. Also interested in designing linkages among different disciplines to provide broader perspectives regarding environmental research.

Phone:  541-757-4427
FAX:  541-754-4716
Email:  landers@mail.cor.epa.gov


U. S. Environmental Protection Agency
National Health and Environmental Effects Laboratory
Western Ecology Division
200 SW 35th Street
Corvallis, OR 97333

Educational Background:

Ph.D. - Zoology (Limnology), Indiana University, 1979
M.A. - Biology, Indiana University, 1974
B.S. - Zoology, Kansas State University, 1969