Rick Edwards

Rick Edwards and Son Research Assistant Professor

University of Washington
Center for Streamside Studies

Research Interests:

Microbial ecology of streams and rivers, basin-wide patterns of ecosystem metabolism, carbon processing and transport, freshwater microbial food loops, nutrient cycling, riparian-river interactions, and hyporheic processes.

Role in Consortium:

Understanding the basin-wide patterns of controls on riparian inputs of nutrients and other materials, factors controlling the retention, processing and transport of riparian inputs and how they are influenced by human actions.

Phone:  206-543-3507
FAX:  206-685-7471
Email:  ricke@pisces.fish.washington.edu


Center for Streamside Studies
University of Washington, Box 352100
Seattle, Washington 98195

Educational Background:

B.S. 1974 Biology, University of South Carolina.
Ph.D. 1985 Ecology, University of Georgia.