Search for Excellence


OSUEA Search for Excellence & Western Extension Directors Award of Excellence

Application Announcement

Both awards, OSU Extension Association (OSUEA) Search for Excellence and the Western Extension Directors Award (WEDA) for Excellence, recognize outstanding accomplishments in Extension Education. Two awards with one application process; your time has arrived. Don’t be bashful.

Details regarding each are listed below. The deadline OSUEA Search for Excellence and WEDA is October 15, 2015. For WEDA, the applicants will be considered for the 2016 nomination.

OSUEA Search for Excellence Award 

Purpose: The OSUEA Search for Excellence program recognizes outstanding Extension education effort, innovation and impact.

Eligibility/Selection/Timeline: Only current members of the OSU Extension Association are eligible to enter. For team projects to be considered, at least one project leader must be a member of OSUEA. We consider applications for both teams and individuals in a wide range and scale of deserving programs from county to multi-state efforts.

Programs/projects completed within the past 2 years are eligible. Award selection and evaluation is conducted by the OSUEA Search for Excellence Committee. Individuals or teams selected will be recognized on Oct. 2, 2014 at the OSUEA breakfast in Corvallis. Those honored are expected to present an overview of their program to peers.

Western Extension Directors Award of Excellence

Purpose: The Award of Excellence recognizes Extension outreach education programming that has achieved outstanding accomplishments, results and impacts in addressing contemporary issues in one or more of the 13 Western states and territories.  It is anticipated that recipients of the award will include mature programs with documented impacts.

Eligibility/Selection/Timeline: Open to all Extension faculty and staff. Multi-State programs are encouraged. Selection of Oregon nominee is at the discretion of the OSU Extension Director. It is anticipated that recipients of the award will be mature programs with documented impacts. Final selection of honorees will be made by the Awards for Excellence Committee, Western Extension Program Leaders Committee.  Nominees will be notified before their applications are submitted. (Note: there is a supplemental WEDA information sheet available. Contact: Deborah Maddy if interested.)


Please use the following format in preparing your application:

A. Cover Page:

Name and title of Contact Person (applicant):

Program Title
Program type: County based/ multi-county/ State-wide/ multi-state
Consideration for (check those that apply):
OSUEA Search for Excellence ____
Name(s) of OSUEA members:
Western Extension Directors Awards of Excellence_____
Program Abstract: (no more than 150 words)
Contact information for applicant and team members (Inc. titles and locations):

B. Program Description (3 pg. max., covering items 1-7 below; rating scale/point allocations as listed).

  1. Issue & Situation (10 points)
  2. Stakeholders & Input (10 points)
  3. Extension Focus & Research Base (10 points)
  4. Multidisciplinary & Collaborative Components (10 points)  
  5. Innovative Approaches (15 points)
  6. Impacts Achieved (30 points)
  7. Scholarly Products Developed (15 points)

C. A letter of endorsement/recommendation from a supervisor familiar with your project (i.e. Area Director, County Leader, Program Leader, Dept. Head)

D. Attachments may include: Materials developed in or for your program, key references used, media examples, partnership description etc.

Submit electronic application to: Chal Landgren at NWREC, 15210 NE Miley Rd, Aurora, OR. 97002-9543. Phone- 503.971.801.0381. Or, Weston Miller.