Cooperator Awards

OSUEA Cooperator Award Nomination Procedures

OSU Extension Service Cooperator Award (sponsored by OSUEA)

Each year, OSUEA honors individuals and businesses who have made significant contributions to Extension programs. It is through these cooperators that Extension is able to accomplish so much. To eliminate duplication of efforts, OSUEA has partnered with our ESP affiliate. We have combined their "Friends of Extension" award with our "OSUEA Cooperator Award" to create the "OSU Extension Service Cooperator Award" (sponsored by OSUEA). One of our winners can then potentially go on to receive national ESP recognition in their Friend of Extension category.

Awards are given in the following categories

A. Individuals with 10 years or more of service
B. Individuals with fewer than 10 years of service
C. Businesses or organizations (no time limit)

Cooperator Award Nomination Application - Due August 15

Evaluation criteria


Program involvement...with Extension volunteer programs, time contributions with significant impact and leadership. For business or organizations, actions beyond what is normally done to conduct the business or activity.  60
Support...for Extension such as advisory councils, committees, fund raising, financial contributions, political support, etc.  30
Community service...other than Extension  10
Total points  100

OSUEA Cooperator Award Recipients

2010 Winners

Less than 10 years:
Jimmy Roberts, Baker Co
Michele Rosier-Bundy, Clackamas Co
Sarah Taylor, Portland School

More than 10 years:
Rod Childers, Wallowa Co
Joanna Corson, Harney
Jim & Debbie Fields, Deschutes Co
Don Sands, Union Co
Michael & Holly Weimer, Gilliam Co
Doug & Geri Johnson, Yamhill Co
Bert & Betty Udell/ Sherm & Fay Sallee, Linn Co
John Say, Crook Co.

Business/ Organizations:
Amity School District
Save Polk Co Extension Political Action Committee
Union Co 4-H & Extension Service District& Planning Committee

2009 Winners

Less than 10 years:
Katya Davis – Lane County
Leslie Lewis – Yamhill County

More than 10 years:
Dick and Nancy Stangle – Wallowa County
Laura Hinrichs – Lane County

First Federal Savings and Loan – Yamhill County

2008 Winners

Less than 10 years
Barbara Nichols -
Jean Natter - Washington County
Joe and Donna Rietmann
John Sherman -
Ray vanBlaricom -
More than 10 years
Jula Gavin
Joe Sharp
Jon and Christie Hendersen

Newberg Public Works
Austin Dental Equipment Company

2007 Winners

Less than 10 years
Paulette Zwirm
Steve Kassel

More than 10 years
Rita Adams
Al May
Doris Noland
Mary Mosier
Molly Schworm

Family Community Education
Linn County Fair and Expo
Eugene Register Guard
Starvation Farms

2006 Winners

Less than 10 Years of Service
Rod Bach – Marion County
Catherine Brosnan-Tepas – Marion County
Diane Silberstein – Polk County
Dottie Zajae – Lane County
More than 10 Years of Service
Bill Jepsen – Morrow County
Bruce Hawks – Lane County
Rietmann Family – Morrow County
Business Cooperator
Hentze Family Farm – Lane County

2005 Winners

Less than 10 years service
Scott Fitch, Hood River County
More than 10 years of service
Ken Nelson, Morrow County
Sam Lee, Lane County
Doris and Dave Cruickshank, Yamhill County
Kathleen Houston, Lane County
Enid and Lamoine Savage, Lane County

Business or Organization
Bank of Eastern Oregon, Morrow County

2004 Winners

Less than 10 years service
Matt Epstein, Jackson County
Oscarlee Fenton, Josephine County
Paul Mickles, Lane County
Peggy Thomas, Lane County

More than10 years service
Barbara Kreilich, Linn County
Lisa Lilley, Clapsop County

Business or Organization
Roberta Hellman, Washington County
Morrow County School District


Less than 10 Years of Service
Carol Spellman, Clackamas County
Dale Dow, Lane County

More than 10 Years of Service
Daryl and Marcia Eash, Polk County
Pené Marquette-Ballini, Lane County

Businesses and Organizations
Morrow County Livestock Growers, Morrow County
Friends of Fair, Multnomah County
Madison Farms, Morrow County
Darigold Farm Store, Clatsop County


Vickie Rader-Belknap, Jackson County
Dancing Oaks Nursery, Marion County
Bob and Kathy Durham, Wasco County
The Griffin Family, Crook County
Bob and Claudia Law, Jackson County
Morrow County Grain Growers, Morrow County
Port of Morrow, Morrow County
Barb Olson, Lane County
Rosemary Schamber, Lane County
Edgel Sudul, Clackamas County
Sue Williams, Crook County

Betty-coe deBroekert, Yamhill and Marion Counties
Bob Broderick, Lane County
Linda Gaske, Lane County
Denise Minson, Wasco County
June Pryor, Josephine County
Jim Nielsen, Coos County
Cheryl Keithan, Clackamas County
Tim and Roseanna Breeding, Yamhill County
KOTI TV, Klamath and Jackson Counties
Oregonians for Food and Shelter

Ken Meier, Marion County
Ellen and Jim Scannell, Jackson County
Emma Jean Smith, Sherman County
Margaret Stark, Sherman County
Mona Easley, Oregon 4-H Youth Development Program and Benton County
Gene Fisher, Oregon 4-H Foundation
Intel Corporation and the Intel Latino Network, Washington County
Wilco Farm Stores, Yamhill County

William Dale and Jacquiline Buck, Tillamook County
Dottie Denny, Curry County
Carl and Nancy Hendricks, Marion and Linn Counties
Gail Jones, Marion County
Hayden and Cora Lee, Jackson County
Barbara Nicholls, Lane County
Don Sands, Union County
KNPT/KYTE/KBCH/KCRF Radio Stations, Lincoln County

Doris Crimmins, Yamhill County
Donna Crosair, Lane County
Lyle Jack, Linn County
Nancy Penzola, Lincoln County
Dawn Frazier, Oregon 4-H Program
John and Nancy Nyberg, Yamhill County
Sharon Tuveng, Clatsop County
Bill Woodard, Oregon 4-H Program
Northwest Beef (John Wilson and Jim Wilson), Wallowa, Malheur, Union, and Baker counties

Nancy and Bob Dehart, Coos County
Betty Jo McHenry, Lane County
Kay Proctor, Morrow County
Helen and Ron Johnson, Washington County
Leslie Ritchey, Curry County
Buller, Wuite, Lawlor PC, Lane County
Portland Schools
Gray and Norrene Thompson, Clackamas, Washington, and Multnomah counties

John and Peggy Fine, Douglas County
John Setniker, Polk County
Barbara Griffin-Webb, Polk County
Mary Fran Fryer, Benton County
Connie Kennedy, Lincoln County
Oregon Wheat Growers League

Dana Martin, Deschutes County
Pem Winquist, Lane County
Vern Struble, Benton County
Fay and Sherm Sallee, Linn County
Bonnie Geil, Washington County
Clatskanie Chief, Columbia County
Albany Democrat-Herald, Linn County

Geri Grieb, Morrow County
Blaine Kuhn, Marion County
Sara Leiman, Lane County
John Christie, Clatsop County
Jack and Dorothy Conley, Polk County
Sheila Kester, Clackamas County
Polk County Fair Board

Sharon Morgan, Lincoln County
Wilma Kerr, Lane County
Gladys Hobbs, Morrow County
Bill and Marilyn Nicks, Polk County
Austin Abrams, Wasco and Sherman counties
Safeway Inc., Portland Division
Coos-Curry Electric Cooperative

Nancy Vendelin, Lane County
Marge McCornack, Polk County
Nancy Rand, Josephine County
Jack Long, Marion County
Jean Dean, Polk County
Detering Family Orchard, Lane County

Tom Keck, Polk County
Mary Wimberly, Lane County
Virgil Choate, Wasco County
Gail Smith, Lane County
Betty Hamlin, Benton and Linn counties
Independence Meat, Polk County
Salem Capitol Press, Marion County

Evelyn Clink, Multnomah County
Diane Ostrum, Polk County
Gladys Barclay, Lincoln County
Glen McKenzie, Union County
Marjorie Edwards, Lane County

W. Lee Allen, Benton County
Forrest "Andy" Anderson, Clackamas County
Bea Scott, Hood River County
Patty Logan, Marion County
Delores Fanning, Polk County
Jackie Shirley, Tillamook County
Oregon Roses, Inc., Washington County

Dorothy Klock, Multnomah County
Bob Schlegel, Washington County
Charlie Daly, Morrow County
Vivian Vickers, Lincoln County
Spilvay Tymoo, Warm Springs
Ray's Sentry Markets, Curry County

Jean Bett,Yamhill County
Sam and Edythe Oberg, Polk County
Sylvia Sullivan, Tillamook County
Ron and Gloria Davis, Gilliam County
Margaret Seibold, Lane County
Eugene Fisher, Douglas County
Alice Larson, Vashon, WA (the only out-of-state recipient ever)

Hollis and Ann Mast, Coos County
Dan Hill, Jackson County
Larry Mills, Morrow County
Louis Hamilton, Polk County
Banti Winslow, Douglas County
Bob McNitt, Linn County
Caroline Tohet, Warm Springs

Otto L. Hundrlik
Dores and Art Schoenborn
Edna and Clark Moon, Polk County
Gladys Mann, Curry County
Jay Macy, Jefferson County
Coussens Brothers, Inc., Washington County

Louis Carlson, Morrow County
Marian Smith, Benton County
Nola Millhouser, Polk County
Bill and Margaret Headrick, Clackamas County
Heyden Corporation, Multnomah County
T.P. Packing Company, Klamath County

No records found

Hugh McGilvra, Washington County
Christine Moore, Malheur County
Ralph Kirby, Hood River County
Elsie Werth, Polk County
Baker Democrat-Herald, Baker County
Extension Advisory Council, Deschutes County

Joe Saito, Malheur County
Verna Backsen, Marion County
Don Davidson, Marion County
Leo Weideman, Multnomah County
Albany Democrat-Herald, Linn County
KVAL-TV, Lane County

Bryon Brinton, Baker County
George Morey, Curry County
James Smart, Polk County
Margorie Griffin, Malheur County
Meier and Frank Company, Multnomah County
7-Up Bottling Company of Portland

Wendell Harmon, Clackamas County
Glen Hawkins, Linn County
Otto Bohnert, Jackson County
Hildah Highbe, Washington County
Oregon Dairy Council
Malheur County Potato Growers Association

Mary Sorber, Clackamas County
Helen Van Santen, Polk County
Jack Madison, Tillamook County
Joe Casale, Sr., Clackamas County
Portland General Electric
First National Bank of Oregon

Stafford Hansell, Umatilla County
Pat McCarthy, Marion County
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Stewart, Marion County
Jim Heater, Marion County
Paul Alexander, Washington County
Oregon Wheat Commission
Chevron USA

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Modified February 6, 2012


Less than 10 years:

Jimmy Roberts, Baker Co

Michele Rosier-Bundy, Clackamas Co

Sarah Taylor, Portland School


More than 10 years

Rod Childers, Wallowa Co

Joanna Corson, Harney

Jim & Debbie Fields, Deschutes Co

Don Sands, Union Co

Michael & Holly Weimer, Gilliam Co

Doug & Geri Johnson, Yamhill Co

Bert & Betty Udell/ Sherm & Fay Sallee, Linn Co

John Say, Crook Co.


Business/ Organizations

Amity School District

Save Polk Co Extension Political Action Committee

Union Co 4-H & Extension Service District& Planning Committee