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The Oregon State University Extension Association (OSUEA) Recognition and Awards Committee is responsible for accepting nominations for staff awards given by OSUEA. To nominate colleagues for an award, please review the criteria and procedures outlined in the materials below. To see which of your colleagues qualifies for nomination, please consult the OSUEA list of current members under Membership Materials.

TBA: Application deadline for:    
     *OSUEA Staff Awards
     *Hoecker Extension Innovative and Replication Grants Program
     *Oscar Hagg Extension Communications Award

OSUEA Staff Awards

OSUEA Newer Faculty Award - The newer faculty award recognizes superior achievement for faculty w/less than 7 years of Extension experience. Awardees will receive a plaque and $200 stipend, sponsored by Dale & Alice Hoecker. Up to 5 awards are given annually.

OSUEA Experienced Faculty Award - The experienced faculty award recognizes superior achievement for faculty w/more than 7 years of Extension experience. Awardees receive a plaque and a $200 stipend, sponsored by Dale & Alice Hoecker. Up to 5 awards are given annually.

List of Past Award Recipients: 2004-Current
List of Newer Faculty Award Recipients: 1973-2004
List of Experienced Faculty Award Recipients: 1978-2001

OSUEA Classified Staff Award – This award is to recognize and reward outstanding and exceptional service by classified and management employees within the Oregon State University Extension Service. The recipient will receive a plaque.

OSUEA Educational Program Assistant Recognition - The OSU Extension Service employs educational program assistants (EPA) who manage and assist in many program areas. Educational Program Assistants are non-clerical, classified employees under the direction of Extension faculty who assist in coordination, promotion, and evaluation of program elements.  Part-time and full-time EPAs who have been on staff for at least one year are eligible for this award. They do not need to be a member of OSUEA to be eligible.

OSUEA Professional Faculty (administrative support) - Professional (administrative support) faculty includes non-classified positions that provide support to program, administrative, or serve operational functions of the OSU Extension Service.  The purpose of this award is to recognize and reward outstanding and exceptional service to the organization by professional faculty (administrative support) members within the OSU Extension Service.

OSUEA Team Award - The award recognizes work on the part of a team of Extension Faculty, staff or both in responding to a specific educational program or effort within the OSU Extension Service.


Hoecker Innovative Grants Program - The Dale and Alice Hoecker family established the Extension Innovative Grants Program in 2001 to encourage creative Extension programming. The purpose of the grant program is to encourage and support Extension faculty in developing/ replicating and delivering programs that address a high priority need of an Oregon target audience through creative and innovative approaches. This grants program is only for new projects or programs (funding existing programs is not allowed). The project may be a replication program or of new design but must be β€œnew” for the respective applicant. Each grant award grant will be for a maximum of $4,000. The number of grants and/or amount of the grant may vary based on funds available, but it is anticipated that up to 4 grants may be awarded annually. Funds may be used to support program development, marketing, delivery, evaluation, and/or equipment related to the innovative/replication project.

Hoecker Grants Program Abstracts (examples)

Hoecker Grants Final Reports


OSU Extension Service Awards

OSCAR HAGG Extension Communication Award – To recognize superior and distinguished achievement by Extension personnel--individuals, groups, and teams--who have helped Oregonians resolve difficult problems through Extension education programs by effectively utilizing planned, innovative and creative communications skills, techniques, and vehicles and technology . The recipient will receive $1,000. One-half of the amount will be used by the recipient(s) in their current or prospective Extension communication program; the other half will be used by the recipient(s) at their discretion to fund activities that will enhance their professional effectiveness (e.g., travel to professional meetings, additional training, purchase of books or subscriptions to journals).

Check Other Awards for complete information on the following awards (the following awards have different application deadlines and are processed through OSU Extension):

*Vice Provost's Award for Excellence
*Alberta Johnston Award in Extension Education
*Alberta Johnston Award in Extension Leadership
*Annual Award for Diversity
*USDA Awards

Questions? E-mail OSUEA Awards Chair

Updated August 2016

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