O S U... A T H L E T I C... D E P A R T M E N T


Oregon State University Cheerleading & Dance

Video Tryout



Your best chance at making the squad is to tryout in person, but we do allow video-taped tryouts. Video-taped tryout candidates will most likely be considered for an alternate position.

As long as we can clearly see you and your skills, the professional quality of your video will NOT be evaluated.

Do NOT include team footage. We need to see only you, unless you are stunting.


Videos should include:

Intro- Wear a professional outfit, no denim

1. Introduce yourself and why you want to cheer or dance at OSU
• Start at a full-body angle and zoom in to just a head shot

Skills- Wear a sports bra and shorts

2. Standing Tumbling (cheer candidates only)
• Standing back handspring, Standing back-tuck, Back hand spring back tuck.

• Preferably on hardwood

3. Series Tumbling (cheer candidates only)
• Your most difficult pass (We do not need to see multiple passes)
• Preferably on hardwood

4. Stunting (cheer candidates only)
• Your most difficult partner stunt
o It can be a connected sequence of up to three stunts
• Your most difficult group stunt
o It can be a connected sequence of up to three stunts.
o Please show just one group and wave before you start, so we know who you are.

5. Dance
• Dance Routine with music; band music or recorded music is fine
• About 4 eight-counts

6. Cheer
• Chant or Cheer
• Incorporate either a stunt, turn, jump or tumbling

5. Dance Technique (dance candidates only)
• Show your most difficult stationary dance technique sequence

• Show your most difficult across the floor dance technique sequence

All video tapes or DVD’s must be received one week prior to the first day of tryouts.
Please include your filled out application along with the non-refundable $35 application fee.
Send to: Amber Bezates, Oregon State Cheerleading Coach, 104 Gill Coliseum, Corvallis, OR 97331.



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