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Oregon State’s College-Prep Clinic will give cheerleaders and dancers the edge they need to succeed at any collegiate try-out. You can learn how to co-ed stunt with experienced collegiate cheerleaders and learn a collegiate-level dance by veteran OSU Dancers. This clinic is a great start for those who plan to try-out at Oregon State, but is also available to those planning on attending other universities. If you need a video try-out tape, this is the perfect place to get the footage you need. The clinic is open to any high school junior, senior or graduate.

Current NBA Blazer Stunters and Dancers along with the OSU Coaches will be staffing the camp.

Various attire will be available for purchase at the clinic.

Saturday, April 6, 2013, Truax- 5:00 PM

ALL participants must complete a waiver with guardian signature.


Mail registration, waiver and check to OSU Cheerleading & Dance, Amber Bezates, 45 Gill Coliseum, Corvallis, OR 97331

If you have further questions, please contact Head Cheerleading and Dance Coach, Amber Bezates. 541-230-0590 amber.bezates@orst.edu

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