O S U... A T H L E T I C... D E P A R T M E N T

Oregon State University Cheerleading

History of "College Prep Camp"


Held in Gill Coliseum in February and had 80 participants in attendance.



Fourth Annual; took place in the Indoor Center.


Third Annual; took place in Gill Coliseum.


2nd Anual; took place in Gill Coliseum.


First College Prep Camp to be held at OSU. Took place in McALexander Field House and we had an overwhelming 80 participants!


First College Prep Camp held at Willamette High School. Before coming to OSU Amber and Todd coached the co-ed team at Willamette High School and thought of the idea of hosting a college prep camp as a fund raiser. They invited all of their old "college buddies" as staff and it was a great time to reconnect and have fun.