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Tip Dieback

We have seen some tip dieback recently in crabapples, particularly with 'Indian Summer' and to a lesser degree on 'Donald Wyman'. Leaves in the affected area may distort or curl. In some cases scarlet-to-purple leaf discoloration is present on both sides of the leaf sometimes with necrotic centers. The tips become dessicated and sunken, dying back completely in some plants. The nearly uniform field pattern suggests an abiotic cause and potentially a time-limited factor. Current speculation - cultivar sensitivity to heat?

Dogwood leaf scorch can also be caused by heat. For more information on this disorder click the link.

Leaf curling and tip damage on crabapples
powdery mildew on crabapple
Photo: Rosetta
Tip damage and new terminal on 'Indian Summer' crabapple
tip dieback
Photo: Rosetta
Leaf distortion on 'Indian Summer' crabapple
leaf distortion on 'Indian Summer' crabapple
Photo: Rosetta
Leaf discoloration on 'Indian Summer' crabapple
leaf discoloration
Photo: Rosetta
Leaf distortion on 'Indian Summer' crabapple
leaf distortion
Photo: Rosetta
Leaf distortion and dieback symptoms on 'Indian Summer' crabapple
sypmtoms of powdery mildew on 'Indian Summer' crabapple
Photo: Rosetta
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