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10-28-2014 09:59:34

Water Quality webinar link

Once again on the water quality webinar link. Robin


10-28-2014 09:57:55

Water Quality webinar link

Once again on the Irrigation Pathogen and Water Quality link. Robin

webinar link

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Webinar Series on Irrigation Pathogens and Water Quality

There will be another webinar in the Series on Irrigation Pathogens and Water Qualtiy. Information on the webinar is below including information for connectioning. Robin

Understanding Consumer Preferences for Ornamental Plants with Disease Free and Water Conservation Labels

 Tuesday, November 4, 2014. Noon to 1:00 pm (Eastern) [so connect early at 9 am Pacific for the left coasters]

Dr. James Pease, Professor of Agricultural and Applied Economics, Virginia Tech Summary: Ornamental plant eco-labeling is a relatively rare approach in the nursery industry. Detecting consumer willingness to pay for characteristics associated with “green” practices and capturing some of that demand are not straightforward actions. Are consumers willing to pay a premium for plants that have been purchased as “disease free”, or produced with “water conserving” practices? We conducted a survey to determine consumer preferences for bedding plants and broadleaf evergreen plants certified as “disease free” or produced with “water conserving practices.” Results indicated that consumers would pay a price premium ranging from 25%-36% for bedding plants that were labeled “water conserving” and from 30%-40% for plants labeled as “disease free.” For broadleaf evergreen plants, such premiums ranged from 9%-30% for “water conserving” and from 40%-60% for “disease free”. These results suggest that consumers will pay a price premium for these eco-characteristics, although marketing challenges to capture that demand may be difficult for some growers.


Connection Detail:
1. Open a web browser and go to: (See link below)
2. Select “Enter as a guest”
3. Type in your name
4. Dial the conference phone number: 1-888-619-1583
5. Enter this participant code: 491981

Water Quality webinars

10-27-2014 08:19:00

Weather update

This weekend we got a good taste of Fall - falling leaves, falling rain, and falling trees. Rufus at the WxCafe keeps Fall weather front and center with another series of fronts on the way. Robin

Monday October 27


Heading to New Orleans for the week, so here's a brief update.  As we have discussed before, basically a rainy, breezy forecast for the next couple of weeks. No dry stretch is foreseen: the classic late October, early November weather pattern.  Even California will get in on the action.


The WIND event Saturday got the attention of many.  Thousands still without power late Sunday in Oregon; mostly from falling trees.  Most of the gusts were in the upper 45-50 mph range inland; higher along the coast and in the mountains.  The Second Storm (remnant of hurricane ANA) we discussed Friday will NOT carry such an impact since the center will pass over northern Vancouver Is., still gusty winds will clip the coastal areas;  not as strong as Saturday.  Lots of rain associated with this system.  It is expected to push onshore soon.


HALLOWEEN will be breezy and wet, on the cool side, per usual.  California will also be turning wet by Halloween, or a few hours after the kids do their walk-about.  CA will see rain from Pt. Conception north by Saturday.  


Several well-organized storm fronts will continue to stream into the PNW after Halloween, a couple of them are likely to kick-up a decent WIND FIELD along with moderate-to-heavy rainfall.  Local flooding issues may come into the picture after Election Day (Nov 4).  The systems are modeled to be 24-36 hours apart, with showers and pass-level snow falling between fronts.  The models suggest notable cooler systems late in the cycle, so snow levels will drop.  Not easy picking the windy days, but right now, Sunday night Nov 1, Wednesday Nov 5 could be windy.  


Back to California:  more rain and mountain snow on tap for the Golden State in the Nov 8-11 period.  This could prove to be the wettest stretch of days in quite some time for patrons from Pt. Conception north.  Let's hope so, as they need the precipitation.


Your host should be back in Oregon by Friday morning.  Looking forward to some excellent shrimp and oysters in the Big Easy.





10-24-2014 10:56:29

Weather update

Rufus at the WxCafe® limits our dry time - cultivate a liking for wet if you want to be happy. Robin

Friday October 24


There will not be a lot of dry time over the next couple of weeks.  And the wind?  Well, it will be the main focus of the next two storms, although we may escape broad, damaging impact.  So, how's the strength of your morning java?  


Saturday & Tuesday are the days that present the potential for strong winds across the PNW.  The first storm is beginning to deepen SW of the Oregon coast.  The models always struggle with precision when it comes to both the track & actual center pressure of these type of storms, so don't be too critical of all us forecasters as we try to pin the tail on the sky donkey.  Current indications are that the center of the low will be oblong in shape (interpret to mean less intense wind field) as it tracks closer to the OR/WA coast; also, that it will not be too deep (interpret barometric center pressure above 990 mb).  If the low tracks across western WA, then the Willamette Valley will likely experience wind gust >45 mph; if it tracks into southern BC, the Puget Sound could get wind gust >40 mph.  As you can tell, these are not particularly damaging wind speeds, although the foliage on trees will create the sail effect, which coupled with saturated soils, could cause trees/limbs to fall.  The second storm, containing the 'wave' remnant of hurricane ANA, will arrive sometime Tuesday.  Same outlook as just discussed: uncertainty as to track & depth of center pressure. 


The WxCafe (TM) recommends simply being prepared for some power issues at your location, and protecting property from items that could get caught up in a gust of wind.  These storms are not super cell events, rather our first potential blows of the season.  Oh, and more rain will also be in play.


Earlier it appeared we'd get a break in the precipitation, along with chilly temperatures by the middle of next week.  Now it looks like cooler temps (40s - 50s), continued on-off moderate rain & showers, mountain snow teasing skiers for the upcoming season.  Halloween will probably be wet, chilly.  California, from Pt Conception north, might get some precip around spook night, or a day or so later.


Still searching for a dry day?  Try Monday, Oct 27 & Nov 3 and Saturday Nov 8.  Yeah right.


"If you refrain from telling lies about the Republican party, I'll promise not to tell the truth about the Democrats." -NY Senator C. Depew, 1920s.


If you refrain from holding me to the accuracy of wx forecasts, I'll promise to keep writing them.  


-Rufus, 2014




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