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10-17-2017 10:57:10

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10-10-2017 16:00:03

Weather update

Sent yesterday by Rufus at The Weather Café ®. Robin

Monday October 9


A few adjustments in the outlook for the next couple of weeks.  That’s why you are here.  Well, you also have that morn’n beverage in hand which goes well with The WxCafe (TM), so let’s go.


Chilly air mass arrives Tue, filling into the PNW for the rest of the week.  This is not an Arctic shot by any means, although the ‘structure’ has similarities.  Key point for today is that if the night sky clears in your area between Tue & Saturday, FROST is probable.  The second, colder air mass we discussed last Fri will NOT develop over the weekend.  Instead, wx this coming weekend will be generally dry & somewhat warmer.  Showers will pop up - mostly during the afternoons - as the cold air moves overhead this week, and continue to do so on through early Saturday.  You know the drill.  Later on Sunday, a surface disturbance is likely to drift down along the BC coast into the PNW, ushering in additional precip, mainly over western WA & Vancouver Island.  


As the week of Oct 16 begins, there may be a very short break in the rain/showers over WA; OR should remain dry until mid-week.  The beginnings of the “Fall Classic” (in this case, not a basketball tournament) will arrive.  Models differ as to timing, but the trend will be for increasing clouds, chance of steady rain & WIND as the week progresses.  All indications are for moderate-to-heavy RAIN and notable wind will arrive sometime Wed night or Thu - this storm will have all the makings of a PNW get-a-good-book Storm.  Blustery, invert-the-umbrella type of rain storm.  On/Off rain will be in play through the weekend of Oct 21,22.  Some model runs keep Sunday dry as an in-between day, but that will not last long, as the next blustery system will power right on into our lives in a few more hours.  


Tuesday, Oct 24 and/or Wed Oct 25 may be the dry day.  Rain likely on either side.  


Bottom line:  turning chilly, with risk for FROST multiple mornings this week (FOG possible in the usual foggy bottoms) and then outdoor work stopping rains moving in for 4 or 5 days.  Specifics may shift; the trend should hold.


We are watching the potential for another Tropical System to stir up anxiety in the area southeast of Cuba.  The storm may drift to west Mexico, or turn north early to impact Dominican Republic, Haiti, or even curl back to tap the shoulder of west Puerto Rico.  Or, nothing at all will develop. 


“It is a good thing for an uneducated man to read books of quotations.” -Winston Churchill


(Oops, that was a give. Now you know why your host has so many quotation books!)





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Weather update

10-06-2017 08:16:19

OktoberPest - The Boring Workshop

Don't fret if you missed our first OktoberPest workshop. We're excited about The Boring Workshop next Thursday, Oct 12 from 9 - noon at NWREC.

Participants will learn basic biology, identification, damage, and management of the most common boring insect species in nurseries. We have our fruit and nut tree specialist, Nik Wiman, talking about what they have learned about flatheaded borers in hazelnut production. Presentations will include hands-on demonstrations.

This workshop is eligible for three credit hours: one Core, two other. For more information, check the link. Robin


OktoberPest - The Boring Workshop

10-02-2017 08:32:27

Weather update

The forecast from Rufus at The Weather Café ®. Robin 

Monday Oct 2


Not the day for long-winded wx blah blah.  Just reporting that models continue to trend VERY DRY for the next 10 to 12 days.  A few showers may dot areas north of Olympia early next weekend, as a weak trough slides over southern BC.  Northeast WIND will pick-up early in the week of Oct 9-13, esp Columbia River Gorge.  Warmer temps also arrive during that week.  


RAIN on the charts to return in the Oct 12-14 period.  Once it arrives, models do indicate repeated frontal passages about 36 hrs apart for Oct 12/13 through Oct 20.  


We feel for all the families impacted by the event in Las Vegas.  It hurts.





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09-29-2017 11:00:02

OktoberPest - Name that Bug (taught in Spanish)

The foundation of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is identification of the pest. And that is where we will start with our first workshop, Name that Bug! Recognition of Key Insect Orders of Ornamental Plant Pests (taught in Spanish). The workshop will be held next week on Thursday, Oct. 5 from 9 am - noon at the North Willamette Research and Extension Center (NWREC). This class is designed to help increase the ability of nursery employees to identify key orders of insects. The class will be focused and emphasize hands-on activities and comprehension.

Our workshops are taught in a comfortable learning environment, for a great low price, and this class will be eligible for three pesticide license recertification credit hours. The agenda for the workshop is at the link and has further information including links to our workshop page with the agenda in Spanish and registration materials.  Robin 



OktoberPest - Name that Bug

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