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07-24-2015 09:12:42

weather update

The outlook from Rufus at the WxCafe® busts the dust. Robin

Friday July 24


Dust busters on the way before another round of hot summer temperatures.  Grab that morning beverage and step up to the counter.  Here is the latest outlook.


In the beginning, a surface low, supported by an upper level trough, spun its way south from Kodiak Island area down along the Alaska panhandle and BC coastline.  By tomorrow, it will nudge into the PNW for the first true 'rain front' type of pattern since early June.  Ah, the coolness and smell of a 'sky wash'.  Actually, most of the precip will fall in scattered shower form, although some solutions hint of a rather steady, light rain overnight Saturday west of the Cascades down as far south as NW Oregon.  Whatever the final disposition as to the amount of precipitation and where, the weekend will present a nice break in the dry pattern of late.  If you have been waiting to mow that field or lawn w/o a cloud of dust following you, pour a tall cup of java Sunday morning and get 'er done.  


All indications are for the return of a thermal low & ridge of high pressure positioned just right to turn up the heat, once again.  The race to the Nines (90 degrees and higher) will probably begin by Wed in Oregon, Thur farther north.  How long and how hot is TBA, but everyone will get in on the toasties by the end of the week.  As this mug is refilled, there is the possibility for the heat to hold on through the first few days of August.  Some extended-range solutions hint of a couple cooler days (into the 80s) starting Sunday, Aug 2 on into the early part of that next week, before a jump back up into the Nines and even triple digits for southern OR, eastern basins by Aug 5.  We'll see.


Back to this weekend:  showers possible, esp from Salem north into southern BC.  Patrons east side may get some, as well, esp later on Sunday as the Kodiak Low spins across central Idaho into the Rockies.


Bottom line:  short break in the sunny weather, then turning notably warmer, if not downright HOT, by later next week.  Possible lower temps for a few days, then right back at it again as August gets fully underway.  For those keeping track of the number of Ninety degree plus days this summer, add on!


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07-20-2015 08:54:47

Weather update

Rufus at the WxCafe gives the wilted Pacific Northwesterners a brief respite. Robin


Monday July 20


Well, it did get hotter over the weekend than this forecaster expected, my bad.  Still, the cooler, clouds-at-times weather is on the way.  Got your morning beverage?


An offshore component to the upper air pattern across the PNW, along with atmospheric integration of pacific hurricane Dolores remnants into southern California, contributed to the rapid heat-up Saturday and Sunday.  Inland high pressure ridge built north.  Corvallis pegged a triple digit 100 on Saturday, so did several other locations, esp eastern basins.   As you may have heard, the remnants of DOLORES pummeled southern CA with heavy rains & thunderstorms (more due in today, as well).  Models don't often handle post-tropical waves very well in extended forecasts, neither did this forecaster.  Lo siento.


Cool trough will spin across NW WA this week, ushering milder temps, clouds & a few showers, esp along west-facing slopes of the coast range & Cascades.  The Columbia Basin will cool down, as well.  WIND may kick-up quite a bit east side, so too will a few thunderstorms.  Caution.  Generally, temps will bump up again Thur & Fri.  A stronger trough may arrive this coming weekend (although models have been inconsistent as to strength).  The disturbance could drop some showers over NW WA and Vancouver Is.; main impact will be to tap down temps and add a few clouds across the northern 2/3 of the PNW.  


By Monday, July 27, ridging of high pressure to the south & east will turn on the heat once again as the offshore flow will re-establish, so expect the last few days of July to be rather toasty.  Too early to set temperatures, but anticipate 90+ readings in many locations.  Another cooler weekend to start August, then temps will ramp back up into the uncomfortable as the last month of summer gets going in earnest.  The triple digit card is likely to be played in the Aug 3-6 period.  Shade seekers unite!


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07-17-2015 10:42:17

Weather update

Rufus at the WxCafe® dishes on the weather for the rest of the month. Robin

Friday July 17

Steady pattern with small adjustments in temps and then possible showers are on tap for the next couple of weeks. Travel mode here this morning, hence the brief update.

High pressure ridge now positioned to favor seasonal temps - no extreme heat - across the PNW. The key change in the steady pattern is progged for late July. By the last weekend of the month a cooler, damp system is modeled to arrive from the NW. Vancouver Island, Puget Sound & Abbotsford patrons can expect showers for 2-4 days - or so it is seen by the crystal ball. Dare we suggest that puddles will form?

As for this weekend and early next week, temps will bump up 5-10 degrees from what was experienced this past week. Not bad. NW breezes to turn back on by next Wed, for a cool down ahead of showers. Oregon and ID may stay dry, but a bit cooler, when and if the showers arrive in NW WA.

Boarding soon,


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07-13-2015 14:51:53

South American Palm Weevil (Rhynchophorus palmarum) Detected in Arizona

Up to their weevil deeds again . . . this time South American Palm Weevil has been detected. This information was sent by APHIS. Robin

South American Palm Weevil (Rhynchophorus palmarum) Detected in Arizona

On May 20, 2015, USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) confirmed the detection of a dead South American palm weevil (Rhynchophorus palmarum) in Yuma, Arizona. This is the first detection of the South American palm weevil in Arizona.

APHIS is working with the Arizona Department of Agriculture to continue monitoring surveys for this weevil. The weevil is native to Central and South America and is an important pest of palms, specifically date and coconut palms. Sugarcane is also a host for this pest. The weevil also is a vector for a nematode Bursaphelenchus cocophilus, which can cause red-ring disease in coconut and oil palms.

For further information, visit the Palm Weevil Web site [link] or contact APHIS National Emergency Response Coordinator Eileen Smith at 301-851-2155.


Palm Weevil Web site

07-13-2015 08:27:59

Weather update

Rufus at the WxCafe® chooses "mild" for the next serving of weather. Robin

Monday July 14


The second half of July will be lacking in the extreme.  Mild.  Strong morning jo is ready, so let's peek ahead, shall we?


Relative to temperatures, comfortable weather conditions are on tap for the remainder of July.  High pressure ridge will position to our west, with barometric center modeled to peak in the 1030+mb range, keeping the west-to-northwest sea breezes going (think air conditioning).  Patrons east of the Cascades will experience temperatures well within the normal range - warm but not excessively hot.  The threat for thunderstorms will also be fairly limited most of the time; good news for fire issues.


The key turn may be a cool, low pressure trough that, right now, is progged to arrive mid-week, July 22.  If verified, expect notable showers across much of the region from that Wed afternoon into late Fri.  However, one may recall that models progged a similar pattern for this coming weekend - July 18,19, but that has now faded away.  Either way, it will not be hot.


We are likely to see the warmest, mostly cloudless days of the next 3 weeks develop in the July 25-31 period.  Mind you, not triple digits, just seasonally summer temps: 80s west, 90s east.  Crowd pleasing summer conditions.


Song of Summer: hey, remember that western field crickets generally start their 'song of summer' around August 10-13.  With everything else being so early, expect that tune to play in a field or garage near you soon.  (Garage mentioned because every summer crickets try their version of a garage band at our place.)  One patron has already heard a tune.  Nothing here in Silverton, yet.  Challenge the kids, grandchildren or yourself to guess the date.  


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Slinging slang at a minimum,





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