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07-22-2016 15:38:29

Ash whitefly activity

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, ash whitefly activity is on the increase. One can definitely find them as adults and the immature stages with a little looking on familiar hosts such as Oregon ash. The good news? By last fall both the parasitic wasp and a specialist lady beetle for this whitefly had been detected in Oregon. Hopefully we see what other states with the whitefly and natural enemies have seen, a disappearing act on the part of the whitefly. The suggestion right now is to try to avoid killing populations of these beneficial natural enemies and to tolerate the whitefly if possible. For those who might be shipping possible hosts right now, inspect closely and spot apply as needed to ship clean. More information and images are at the link. There will be a new fact sheet from the ODA soon. I'll let you know when it is published. Robin

ash whitefly

07-22-2016 09:42:52

OSU faculty member Richard Regan retires after 32 years helping the nursery industry

Prior to joining the faculty of Oregon State University in 1984, Richard Regan earned a BS degree in Ornamental Horticulture and a MS degree in Soil and Water Science at California State University, Chico where he taught classes for the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences following graduation. Rich started his career at OSU as an Extension educator in Marion County. He relocated to the North Willamette Research and Extension Center where he provided regional Extension education and conducted nursery research on key issues in production such as tip dieback, lygus bugs, Phytophthora syringae and Verticillium. Rich also provided service to the industry in a variety of roles including President of the Western Region of the International Society of Plant Propagators, OSU Liaison to the Shade Tree Growers Association, and Farwest Show moderator.

Rich’s recent work has focused on student training including some of the most important courses a Horticulture student takes during their collegiate career such as Plant Propagation and Plant Nutrition.  Rich is a natural teacher and his impact on Oregon agriculture will be felt for years as the students from his courses go on to be leaders in Oregon agriculture and beyond.  His expertise and experience has been a huge asset and colleagues, students, and industry is better for him sharing his knowledge over the years.

All good things come to an end and so we say goodbye to our very knowledgeable and impactful colleague, Rich Regan. Enjoy your retirement!


07-22-2016 09:01:09

Weather update

Today's rain is the marinade for the coming week's baking. Here is the latest from Rufus at the WxCafe®. Robin

Friday July 22


The HEAT will get turned on soon, so enjoy the mild temperatures over the next few days.  Refill your mug before reading the latest outlook.


Recall that we mentioned a weak trough which may spin by the northern portion of the PNW by Monday.  Well, obviously, that model solution got moved up a couple days, hence the windy introduction yesterday afternoon to cooler air that has settled in across the PNW morning.  The overall pattern will, indeed, continue on a warming trend, it's just been delayed a couple extra days.   By Sunday afternoon, sunshine should begin to reign, and the warm up will re-start.


Next week will be DRY and be the transition into a HEAT WAVE.  Warmest temps of the summer for many locations will start to build across northern CA and southern OR first, then expand northward into the eastern basins, and finally everywhere by Thu or Fri.  Water managers will need water up ahead of the notable heat.  It will get toasty; think the 90s.  Triple digits possible in southern OR.  Slight cooling possible with a push of marine air conditioning by Sun or Mon, Aug 1.


August has been progged by the models as starting cool, with lots of morning clouds (like most of July).  Earlier in the week, model runs kept the heat on, esp in the Aug 1-3 period (which we forecast in our last posting), but that outlook has now become the outlier prognostication.  Our main focus for now is the 3 - 4 day heat up next week.  Fortunately, most of the heat-sensitive berry crops have been harvested, although mid-summer blueberry varieties will be impacted a bit by the short heat wave.  Temps east of the mountains are likely to be in the 90s for more than 3 days.  <Someone down the hall yelled, "Normal!">


"Slippery elm seems to be the wood most extensively used in building political platforms."  Yep, 'tis the season.





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07-21-2016 15:04:18

Fourteen horticultural products ordered detained and removed from sale, growers asked to stop usage

This is a press release from the Oregon Department of Agriculture. Robin

Fourteen horticultural products ordered detained and removed from sale, growers asked to stop usage


July 20, 2016... The Oregon Department of Agriculture has issued 12 notices of statewide detainment and stop sale and removal orders for horticultural products that contain pesticide active ingredients not listed on the label. The orders call for the product manufacturers to immediately cease all sales, offers of sale, or other distribution in Oregon. In addition, products within Oregon or transported into the state by any type of business transaction or other method are detained.

These products are commonly used in horticulture and hydroponics, including cannabis production.

The 12 notices cover 14 products sold in Oregon that were also identified by the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) in late June as containing undeclared pesticide active ingredients. In an abundance of caution, ODA issued its orders and is currently sampling and testing these products sold in Oregon. ODA’s actions affect the following products and their manufacturers:

·      Vita Grow Thunder Boom– Marco Industries, Inc. dba American Agriculture, Portland, OR

·      OG Rapid Flower + Hardener– Crop Specific Solutions, Rockingham, Western Australia

·      Humboldt Roots– Humboldt Nutrients LLC, Paso Robles, CA

·      Safergro Mildew Cure for Powdery Mildew Control– JH Biotech, Ventura, CA

·      Olivia’s Cloning Gel– Olivia’s Solutions, Inc., Santa Rosa, CA

·      The Hammer– Plantlife Products, Kelowna, BC

·      Frost Protection Plus– Rambridge Wholesale Supply, Calgary, AB

·      Rock Resinator Heavy Yields– Rock Holdings Pty Ltd., Perth, Western Australia

·      SNS 217C All Natural Spider Mite Control– Sierra Natural Science, Inc., Salinas, CA

·      Root 66 1-1-1– Technaflora Plant Products Ltd., Mission, BC

·      Optic Foliar AT-AK, Optic Foliar Overgrow, Optic Foliar Switch– Tulsi Enterprises Ltd., Surrey, BC

·      Pyyro K 0-3-7– Van de Uber Marketing and Manufacturing, Port Moody, BC

Use of these products could cause growers to experience a loss of marketability and for cannabis to fail Oregon Health Authority (OHA) pesticide testing requirements. ODA has issued pesticide advisories to growers of all crops and retailers advising them to discontinue using or selling the products. For additional information on the advisories and the pesticide active ingredients not listed on the labels, go to <>, contact ODA at (503) 986-4635 or email <>.

ODA is working with the Oregon Health Authority to determine any potential human health concerns associated with the use of products treated with these undeclared pesticide active ingredients.  

ODA will proceed to address violations of Oregon’s pesticide and fertilizer laws, which include adulteration of a pesticide product and mislabeling of a pesticide or fertilizer product.


Media contact: Dale Mitchell at (503) 986-4646 or Bruce Pokarney at (503) 986-4559.


Oda mislabeled products pr

07-18-2016 09:26:33

Weather update

Our sputtering summer turns to full sizzle according to Rufus at the WxCafe®. Robin


Monday July 18


The patience of Patrons will finally pay off soon.  Warm, even hot, weather is on the way.  Yes it is!


Only a couple more days of cool July weather to endure.  Sure, some people enjoy the coolness (your host included); others, understandably, long for pure summer sun & warmth.  The turn begins middle of the week, so expect temperatures to start jumping up by Wed.  As the week ends, plenty of 'all day sunshine' in most regions of the PNW will yield to "that's more like it" comments from the Seekers of Summer.  Patrons in the far NW corner of WA & BC / Vancouver Is will have to tolerate the chance for drizzle and showers today & Tue, but you, too, will get belated relief soon.


Moderately warm, pleasant temps are on tap for the coming weekend.  The onshore breeze will diminish, as well, so coastal communities should get in on the afternoon sun, with limited beach sand movement.  Models hint of a weak trough to race by over BC by next Monday, so temps in the far NW will likely cool down briefly.  By Tue or Wed next week, the entire PNW will be entering the warmest stretch of weather in several weeks.  Our Seekers of Sun will continue to find joy.  Thu July 27 could be rather toasty everywhere.  The HEAT will expand across much of the country next week.  Ah, Summer.


Mixed message from our models as to how long the warmth will last.  The trend has definitely been to keep us warm and dry into early August.  There are a few outlier model solutions that pop another cool trough through the region, esp north of Olympia, Aug 2 & 3, but that has not been consistent.  


Bottom Line:  as we have mentioned before, the upper level trough of low pressure that has trapped the PNW in a cool, somewhat damp July, will yield to a seasonal pattern within a few days.  That change should hold on through the first week of August.  


"Friends last longer the less they are used."





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