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07-06-2015 10:22:23

University Policies Regarding Marijuana

A reminder: Despite the change in Oregon state laws regarding marijuana use and cultivation, OSU complies with federal law. "Oregon State will hold OSU Extension Service and 4-H volunteers accountable to federal laws and University policies while performing duties on behalf of the university. The OSU Extension OSU Extension Services will not provide instruction regarding how to grow, manufacture, distribute or dispense marijuana."      



OSU Marijuana policy

07-06-2015 09:17:29

weather update

Rufus at the WxCafe® turns on the AC for late week. Robin

Monday July 6


A turn in the weather, for the good of all, will take place later this week.  The record-breaking (for many locations) extended heat wave will come to an end as cooler, the marine air conditioning unit gets repaired.  Repair orders were placed over a week ago, but the blocking ridge of high pressure delayed the service call.  Say what?  Read on.


Analogies are weak after multiple daze of heat.  Still, it best describes what happened.  The normal marine air that helps keep the PNW pleasant during summer months literally was blocked by that pesky ridge of high pressure.  (Yes, the same pattern which kept the region generally dry and mild through much of the winter period.)  By Thu/Fri, the ridge will yield and allow for cooler air in the form of an 'onshore flow' to push inland to cool the entire region down to seasonal temperatures.  Ah, finally the repair!  


By the weekend, temperatures will drop enough to generate quite a conversation about how cool it is in comparison to the heat.  Plants & people will be grateful.  The good news is that the cooler, more normal PNW pattern for July will hold on through at least July 18 or 19.  Along with cooler temps, there will be enough moisture at the mid-level to kick-off some thunderstorms or showers, esp on the slopes of & east of the Cascades.  This will increase by the weekend, with a low over CA spinning that moisture north.  West side, the will the moisture will mainly manifest as scattered mid-level clouds, but a shower may pop up, esp from Eugene south.


General temps will range from the mid 70s to lower 80s in many locations, cooler along the coast.  Eastern basins likely to be in the mid-80 to low 90s.  Normal for July.


A powerful typhoon will approach southern Japan next week.  


"Every time you think you've got the key to the market, some one changes the lock."  -G.M. Loeb


Sounds similar to a weather forecast comment to me.  






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06-30-2015 08:40:07

Celestial update

Rufus at the WxCafe waxes on a celestial delight.  Robin


Dear Patron,


Tonight, in the sky at sunset, will be an interesting show of planet light.  Take a moment to enjoy the presentation!




The night of closest approach is June 30th, when Venus and Jupiter will be only 1/3rd of a degree apart. If you have binoculars or a small telescope, point them at the planets. Both will fit in the same field of view, allowing you to see the fat crescent phase of Venus and the moons of Jupiter simultaneously. It's a great way to end the day. 


Just step outside after sunset and face west. Venus and Jupiter are less than a degree apart. Don't wait until the sky fades to black. A tight conjunction of Venus and Jupiter framed by twilight blue has a special beauty that you won't want to miss.






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Weather update

Rufus at the WxCafe® pushes the pause button. Robin


Monday June 29


Tipping the morning mug to a 41st Wedding Anniversary today!  A partial pause from fresh fruit season.  The other partial pause is the tap down of the expected weekend heat (west side patrons) because of the clouds.  Wx models & forecasters do miss, so if you want to complain about not hitting triple digits in the Willamette Valley this weekend, sign up to spill your morning beverage on the 'empty cup' list to your right on The WxCafe (TM) Counter.  Seriously, the pause in the heat wave is gladly accepted by all.  More heat on the way.


Cooler temps - because of the slight shift in the high pressure ridge - will yield to hot afternoon temps by Thu / Fri this week.  The humidity will not be so high with the next round of heat.  Expect the upper 90s in most locations by Fri, holding through the weekend.  That said, don't be surprised if a 100+ reading, west of the Cascades, hits the books in your location during the extended holiday (esp southern OR).  For patrons in the eastern basins, it was a true barn burner this weekend, with temps above 105 in many locations.  Yikes.  Triple digit temps are on tap for the holiday weekend.  


On Sunday, July 5 we may get another southerly flow aloft that generates thunderstorms (fire issues, too) on both sides of the Cascades.  That would tap temps down, like the past couple of days.  Then, as the first full week of July gets underway, a westerly flow will cool areas west of the Cascades into the 80s south, 70s Puget Sound north by July 8 or 9th.  Seasonal temps across the PNW for the balance of the week of July 6-10.  


By the weekend of July 11-12, models argue -->> either mild (80s), toasty 90s, or something in between with chance for thunderstorms.  Too early to firm up of a definite outlook.  Keep the iced beverage handy. 


Bottom of the Cup:  lucky break in the heat for a couple more days, then bam, back at it after the partial pause.  NO general threat for rain (other than under a boomer) through mid-July.  Typical.


Worth repeating: "Writing TV humor isn't as hard as listening to it."  






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Weather update

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