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08-18-2014 09:28:59

Weather update

Rufus at the WxCafe® foretells heat chased by cooler weather. Robin

Monday August 18

Greetings from Sisters, Oregon.  Vacation mode today.  

Briefly, weather will continue to be dry, except for thunderstorm action here on the east side of the Cascades (but that, too, will diminish heading into the new week).

Generally, temperatures for the week will be warm early, turning cooler by Thursday, as a NW flow turns on the onshore breezes.  The weekend should remain dry, with rather cool conditions considering the time of summer.  Not a bad start for the Oregon State Fair or the Hood-To-Coast Relay. 

A repeat: all indications are for a short, but rather hot, heat-up by Monday /Tuesday next week, the last one of August 2014.  Highs in the 90s still look probable for most locations, expect NW WA. Another interesting aspect for this wx period will be the potential for a strong Pacific hurricane skirting the coast of Baja California and moving NW not too far off the coast of the golden state.  If this verifies, the surfing in SoCal will be epic!  Where's my board, wax?  Even some rain for dry San Diego and environs.  Stay tuned.

Continuing the coffee chat about a cool and/or damp start to September -- back and forth, so go the models.  For the chit-chat this week, your WxCafe is posing a cooler than typical start.  

From base camp here in Sisters, heading to Scout Lake to swim for the next few days.  Oh yeah, summer in the mighty Cascades.


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08-15-2014 08:28:28

Weather update

Rufus at the WxCafe® gives us a little of this, a little of that . . . Robin

Friday August 15

Over the past few days, several areas around the PNW received abundant rainfall in association with powerful thunderstorms; other areas remained dry.  It has been an interesting wx week, indeed.  What lies ahead?  You'll need your mug full first.

Trough of low pressure spinning its way up into Canada, lifting out of the PNW.  Some moisture still teasing patrons on the east side in WA state.  The weekend will be pleasant and mild, as we expected.  Temperatures will rebound up a bit for most of us, summer comfort range.  Next week will start out on the warmer side, as temps are likely to pop up into the high 80s to low 90s across the region.  Tad cooler over NW WA and Vancouver Is, of course.


By late Wednesday or early Thursday, models bring down a cooler trough of low pressure from the eastern Gulf of Alaska, ushering in cooler temps and maybe even a shower or two across the region, esp over the mountains.  A second cold front, and one that currently looks stronger, is modeled to arrive from the north over the weekend of Aug 23,24.  If this verifies going forward, there could be notable precip yet again, esp east of the Cascades and over most of ID, MT, WY.  Models track the center of the low into eastern WA, so localized wx could be a bit rough as the cold air aloft and strong upper level winds could set off powerful thunderstorms.  We'll see.  For the rest of the PNW, expect temps to drift below average that weekend.


The final week of August currently looks to warm back up and bring on rather toasty conditions.  However, it could trend cool/damp the last week of the month.  What?  There have been indications (wine industry patrons may not like this, so you folks stop reading now) that the entire large scale wx pattern may begin to shift later in August, which would turn on a cool, damp early September pattern over the PNW.  This is not a forecast, just a topic for discussion over your morning java.   The eastern half of the US has seen one of the coolest summers on record because of the upper level position of the 'clover leaf' HIGH / LOW pattern.  This may shift as August ends, bringing warmer wx to the eastern half of the nation; cooler west.  Again, coffee chat for now.


All that said, expect good weekend wx, turning warmer early next week, then cooler than average as the Oregon State Fair begins; decent summer weather likely the last week of August.  Or, it may trend cooler and damper that week.  Dare we suggest such?


"The psychiatrist who urges parents to spend more time with their children may just be trying to drum up more business."



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08-11-2014 14:09:59

ODA News Release: Pesticides not detected in Clackamas County bees

This news just came today from the ODA. Robin


ODA lab analysis shows no evidence linking honeybee deaths to pesticides
Pesticides not detected in Clackamas County bees

August 11, 2014... Laboratory analysis of dead honeybee samples taken from hives in Clackamas County this summer show no detection of pesticides. According to the Oregon Department of Agriculture, which conducted the testing and analysis, other factors are likely to be responsible for the death of thousands of bees from colonies owned by four local beekeepers.

In addition, Oregon State University examined bee samples from Clackamas County for pests and disease. The analysis found average levels of bee mites and nosema disease, but did not find any evidence that explains the deaths.

ODA’s Pesticides Program and its laboratory in Portland made the testing and analysis of the bees a high priority. ODA developed a screening process that focused on 39 pesticide active ingredients used in Oregon and known to be toxic to pollinators. Creating the customized list of potential suspect pesticides greatly reduced the testing time and the list can be used in future analysis of pollinator deaths. All of the Clackamas County samples tested, each containing hundreds of bees, were negative for any of the pesticides on the list.

ODA is assisting the state’s Task Force on Pollinator Health and continues to work on pollinator issues at the national level.

For more information, contact Dale Mitchell at (503) 986-4646


Pollinator page ODA

08-11-2014 09:37:25

Weather update

Rufus at the WxCafe® shifts the knob down to cooler. Brief sigh of relief from the wilted flowers amongst us. Robin

Monday August 11


For those that like thunderstorms, the next few days may be your joy;  firefighters are not so thrilled.  Got that morning beverage ready yet?


The heat will be on today, as everyone has heard.  Pattern is shifting into a damp, muggy situation for a few days between now (well, yesterday for those in the southern OR region) and Thursday.  A weak, but impacting, trough off the CA coast is spinning muggy, damp air mass northward over the PNW this week.  Actually, there will be a couple different troughs, from the west & south, melding together to create the stormy pattern.  Patrons south of Salem had their clocks wrung last night with quite a thunder/lightning show.  The pattern will expand north into Portland, western WA, eastern OR & WA today & Tues.  Patrons up in the NW corner of WA & Vancouver Is are likely to get a bit of the action, but later in the week.  Position is everything with this type of pattern, so be alert to the boomers.


The strongest series of storm cells are modeled for later tonight thru Wed morning, as mid-level moisture will increase substantially, as will the speed of winds in the upper atmosphere, which combined can set-off powerful thunderstorm action (possible hail & local gusty winds).  Never take the chance with lightning - it often strikes a considerable distance from the centers of storm cells.


Along with the stormy action, will be elevated humidity and possible heavy showers.  As the week ends, temperatures will be dropping notably for all areas of the great PNW.  All the instability in the atmosphere will bring on a decent amount of precipitation for most areas.  This will help dust management & even provide nature's irrigation for some.


The weekend currently looks dry and pleasant.  All the action will have passed, with a return to normal temperatures and calm.  Now, about the heat-up for next week:  the good news is (as of today), models have shifted away from excessive heat, towards a normal run of dry, seasonal conditions.  Key feature will be a trough of low pressure clipping the southern edge of BC, which will bring a stronger marine push of air into western WA north of Olympia.  For Oregon, temps will jump back up into the almost too hot range, but right now, we may miss the triple digit mark.  (We have all seen models return to earlier progs, so keep that in mind.) 


Bottom line:  muggy, damp, thunderous wx early this week, turning cooler by Thur; mild, pleasant weekend ahead, before warmer temperatures through the week of Aug 18-22, cool up in NW WA and Vancouver Is.


"At today's prices, vacations take people."





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08-08-2014 14:49:27

Smart Sprayer Demonstration

What if we could cut the amount of pesticides used in half or more while still producing high quality nursery plants? Research using a Smart Sprayer is showing that goal to be possible.  

On behalf of the Intelligent Spray Systems research team (USDA/ARS, Oregon State University, Ohio State University, and University of Tennessee), I’d like to invite you to a special summer event, our Smart Sprayer Demonstration, at 10:00 am onThursday, August 14 at Hans Nelson Nursery and Sons in BoringOregon. I hope you will join us as we highlight our Smart Sprayer research and show the sprayer in action. 

Participants at the demonstrations will see a new generation of precision agricultural sprayers that employ intelligent technology to automatically match spray outputs to crop structures during pesticide applications. Learn how the new sprayer can significantly increase application efficiencies, reduce pesticide use, and minimize spray drift and off-target losses. Results so far have been outstanding, the “Smart Sprayer” research has shown the potential to dramatically reduce the volume of pesticides applied while maintaining or improving pest control (with reductions from 54-77% in four Oregon trials in 2013). While this research has been conducted in nursery systems, the technology is applicable to other cropping systems such as tree fruit, viticulture, and small fruit. 

We hope you will attend and see this new technology that promises to greatly enhance our abilities to produce high quality plants while reducing pesticide use. See the link for a Smart Sprayer Demonstration invitation for more information. The demonstration is free and open to the public.  If you are not able to attend this special event on August 14, we will also have additional demonstrations/exhibitions of the Smart Sprayer in the afternoon of August 19 as part of the OAN Innovative Equipment Tour at Bountiful Farms in Woodburn; and on Aug. 21, 22,  and 23 at the OAN Farwest Show at the Oregon Convention Center.




Smart sprayer demo flyer

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