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09-18-2017 10:10:38

Weather update

Rufus at The Weather Café ® gives us a little of this and a little of that with his weather prognostication. Robin

Monday September 18


The pleasant sound of rain & showers will present for another couple of days, then drying.  Here is the latest.


The advertised trough of low pressure arrived, as expected.  Nearly 3/4 inch of rain at this office in Silverton yesterday, with the most dropping in after sunset.  The secondary front moving in late Tue may not be as strong - in both wind & precip - as charted last week, but it will be the last shot of precipitation during the current cycle.  COOL overnight low temps will be the rule after that last system passes.  Oh, the cooler air will drive all the way into northern CA, which will also help fire issues to our south.


Weekend of Sep 23,24 now looks dry and mild.  Temps will slowly bump up a few degrees over the weekend, setting up for an even warmer week thereafter.  For Patrons north of Seattle, a weak disturbance moving across BC may increase the cloudiness and threaten a shower here and there late Sunday/early Monday.  For all the rest of us, the last week of September is now modeled to be dry and WARM.  


The current rain pattern may turn out to be a double blessing because, if model shifts since our last report verify, the PNW may turn DRY for an extended period yet again.  Extended as in another 2 weeks after the chilling system this week.  Sep 21 thru Oct 4.  We’ll see, as long-time Patrons know, the models are well known to jump back-n-forth in that 7-14 day period.  Hopefully, advantage goes to grape, nut & apple harvesting during the next dry cycle.


“The best time to do something worthwhile is between yesterday and tomorrow.”





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09-15-2017 10:04:30

Weather update

Rufus at The Weather Café ® harkens Nature's proclamation of Fall. Robin

Friday September 15


Ah, the sound of rain on the roof will return soon.  A series of storms are setting up to make Nature’s proclamation of the Fall Season: “We’re Back!!”  Brewed a strong morn’n beverage here, so let’s get to it, shall we?


Residents across the entire PNW are awaiting the return of RAIN with much anticipation.  More so than usual, for many good reasons, fires being one.   Sometime Sunday the first cold front will arrive.  Latest model runs have pulled back, just a bit, the amount of precip associated with the first system.  Not to worry, because a second, stronger storm will rapidly follow on its heels Tues or Wed (models differ on timing).  WIND action possible, esp over Oregon with the second storm.  Eastern locations will not be left out of the rain.


For the Thursday to Sunday, Sep 21-24 period, we have a difference in solutions.  One pattern is for another strong storm to arrive sometime Thu night for a windy, WET event; the other pattern is for drier conditions to build back into the region for a few days.  Either way, by Sun or Mon, a high pressure ridge sets up far enough south to allow a ‘dirty ridge’ with systems rolling over the ridge top bringing clouds & showers to much of western WA; some of the moisture could drop as far south as Salem late in the period.  


September may end with a very wet system around Sep 29-30, or it could turn dry and WARM.  The harvest of Vineyards will be in play for some, so the point here is that we are not on track to see endless rainfall over the next 2-3 weeks.  Breaks are likely.  Pick & Stomp with joy.


Tropical Topical:  We continue to monitor hurricane formation & movement.  LEE will be named soon and does pose a threat to the US mainland around Sep 25,26.  In the meantime, Crazy JOSE (because it loops around so much) is NOT off the virtual radar for a hit on the US.  Latest solutions toy with a strike very close to the Nation’s Capitol or north into MA.  Either way, high surf will make news.  


“Children who watch television every night (or the equivalent) will go down in history - not to mention arithmetic, geography and science.”





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09-14-2017 13:35:23

Mt. Angel Pesticide and Empty Container Collection Event

Want to lighten the load? There will be a Agriculture & Commercial Pesticide and Empty Container Collection Event at Valley Agronomics, 13007 Downs Road, in Mt. Angel from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM (by appointment) on November 18, 2017

Agricultural, commercial, forestry, and institutional wastepesticides from pesticide users in Marion, Clackamas andadjacent counties will be accepted. Chemicals not included inpesticide products (e.g., fertilizers) will NOT be accepted

While the COST = FREE, you must complete an application form. More information and links to the application are available at the link.    Robin 

Pesticide Collection Mt Angel

09-12-2017 16:19:49

OktoberPest 2017

OktoberPest  2017


Pest Management Workshops

for Greenhouse and Nursery Employees

Every Thursday in October


Bewildered by bugs?  Want schooling on the best way to beat borers? Having trouble keeping up with invasive pest threats? Vowing vengeance on snails and slugs? Come to our 2017 OktoberPest workshops! OktoberPest is a series of workshops designed to help improve knowledge about pest management. This year we will focus on pest insect order recognition, boring insects, invasive species, and slug and snail management in commercial nurseries.


Our workshops and information sessions provide a focused learning environment for pest management professionals.  Classes are held Thursday mornings at the North Willamette Research and Extension Center, 15201 NE Miley Rd, Aurora, Oregon. Still one of the best deals around, we're keeping our registration fees low for each workshop. The agenda and the registration flyer are available at the workshop/classes link at the PNW Nursery IPM website link. See you at OktoberPest!



Oct. 5     Name that Bug! Recognition of Key Insect Orders of Ornamental Plant Pests (taught in Spanish)

              Luisa Santamaria, Department of Botany/Plant Pathology, Oregon State University/NWREC and Margaret Bayne, OSU (retired).

                The participants of this workshop will learn visual recognition of key insect orders that contain pests of ornamental plants in the Pacific Northwest as well as their associated damage. The second part of this session will emphasize hands-on activities with prepared specimens and images for identification. A check for correct identification and comprehension will follow.

                               9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.                       

Oct.  12 The Boring Workshop: A Primer on Insects that Bore into Nursery Stock
                Robin Rosetta and Nik Wiman, Department of Horticulture, OSU/NWREC 

                Participants will learn basic biology, identification, damage, and management of the most common boring insect species in nurseries. There will be a focus on Pacific flatheaded borer management (PFB). Biology and management of PFB, including what they have learned in hazelnut production, will be discussed. 

.                              9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.                       

Oct. 19  Meet the Neighbors: An Update on Emerging Plant Pest Issues

Robin Rosetta and David Lowenstein, Department of Horticulture, OSU/NWREC; Jana Lee, USDA/ARS, Corvallis; and Clint Burfitt, ODA, Salem.               

Participants will learn basic biology, identification, and damage of recently detected and emerging plant pests as well as species likely to be introduced. This session includes updates on azalea lace bug Japanese beetle, brown marmorated stink bug and spotted wing Drosophila.

                                9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.                       

Oct. 26  Slime and Punishment: Integrated Pest Management of Snails and Slugs.
James Coupland, FarmForest Research, Almonte ON; Rory Mc Donnell, Crop and Soil Science Dept., OSU; and Robin Rosetta, OSU Extension/NWREC

                The participants will learn the basics of ID followed by a hands on workshop of the most common species encountered in nurseries. This presentation will emphasize monitoring, biological, cultural, physical, and chemical management of slug and snail pests in nurseries. Note: This workshop has an afternoon field session and lunch       with be included.

                                9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

For further information about these classes, contact Jan Egli at 971-801-0387 or e-mail at Spanish language program: Luisa Santamaria 971-801-0389. We have applied for Pesticide Recertification Credits for all workshops.


Oregon State University Extension Service offers educational programs, activities, and materials without discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, marital status, disability, and disabled veteran or Vietnam-era veteran status. OSU Extension Service is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Reasonable accommodations will be provded to those with physical or mental disabilities in order to attend Extension programs. Please contact the Extension office in advance to make arrangements. 


Oktoberpest 2017

09-11-2017 14:34:31

Weather update

Rufus at The Weather Café ® heralds the weather signs of Fall. Robin


9  11 


Sixteen years ago.  We will never forget.  


Rather pleasant week ahead with just enough warmth to keep our Summer spirit going.  Fall wx will arrive soon, as will Nature’s fire suppression.  Afternoon temps will slowly lower as the week progresses, with marine push of air moving in ahead of the first Fall Storm of 2017.  Rain should arrive late Sunday Sep 17.  The system will bring down cold air, so don’t be surprised to hear about snow showers on higher slopes of the Cascades, esp in WA.  The cool, damp weather should move out by Wed.  Dry, mild conditions probable Wed through Fri, Sep 20-22.  


With the Fall Equinox on Friday Sep 22, the next chance for rain will follow that weekend, primarily over western WA.  This system may not reach far enough south to impact all of the PNW, but it will be close.  Point being, indications are for the Fall Door to open for systems to begin reminding us of the new season.  Next chance for rain across a larger area may arrive Monday the 25th.  


The reason for uncertainty is the projected position of a High Pressure Ridge (‘Dome’) over Alaska as the Fall Equinox arrives.  Some solutions hold the cold air over Alaska, then shift / expand it down over the Yukon and eventually along the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mtns, which trends the PNW mild, breezy & dry; other runs position the High to favor somewhat damp, cool Fall weather as the month ends.  We’ll see.


Tropical Topical:  Next story will be JOSE.  This hurricane has been following its ‘big sister’ IRMA for quite some time now.  JOSE is modeled to literally circle around in the Atlantic, either until it spins itself to sleep, or, as is currently being modeled, to move toward the eastern seaboard of the US.  Oh my, won’t that be a newsmaker, given the past two major storms.  Seriously, JOSE could strengthen about Sep 19 and pose serious concern for points from Virginia north to Mass. as the Fall Equinox arrives.  JOSE warrants attention!  


On a personal note: thanks for the inquiries as to Dave on St Thomas and my cousin in Englewood, FL.  Both are OK.  Dave’s mom got word out that he is OK and made comment on just how powerful IRMA was on St Thomas.  He has not contacted friends directly, given the urgency of local conditions.  My cousin’s property has been reported as OK, since the winds and surge did not impact so severely because IRMA’s eye tracked inland literally a few miles east of her home.  She evacuated to Ocala.  Not enough gas in vehicle to get home, even if the ‘all clear’ is posted.  Stations all over FL are out of gas, and with so many evacuees eventually needing to head home, we all wonder how long gas stations will need to refuel to sell fuel.  Defining Patience.


PNW Bottom Line:  plenty of sunshine ahead, with enough precipitation on the charts to calm more than just fire nerves.  


A Tip of the Mug in Remembrance,



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