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06-20-2016 08:21:37

Weather update

Happy Summer, Everyone! Rufus at the WcCafe brings in the Strawberry Moon. Robin

Summer Solstice 2016 - Strawberry Moon Day


Ah, the Strawberry Moon arrives (also referred to as the Honey Moon, or the Rose Moon).  As many have discussed, this is a relatively rare event which takes place on a 70 year interval (last time was in the 1940s).  It means that a Full Moon coincides with the Summer Solstice.  For patrons in the PNW, we should witness that fruity event because of a clear sky possibility this evening.  Oh, and it's not about color, it's about timing with harvest.  The next Strawberry Moon will be in 2086.


The week ahead had been progged as warm and summer-like.  Well, that has been broomed by the models as a weak low will spin north of Portland.  OR should be dry, but cool with drizzle along the coast at times later tonight and Tue. Showers possible north of Olympia, esp along western slopes of the Cascades.   Wednesday is on tap as dry, mild.  Another, barometrically deeper trough will form late in the week, so expect showers to increase Thu & Fri, esp north of Salem.  Northwest breezes will continue to tap down temps, a blessing as compared to portions of CA and the desert SW.  


For heat lovers, next weekend should be the beginning of a warm-up.  Friday will start off on the cool side of summer while that trough move out, then by Sunday the western heat wave will begin to wedge into WA & OR to set up for a potentially HOT last week of June 2016.    Patrons in ID are likely to get on the toasty side by later that week, as well, as the news-making heat dome builds north over ID, MT, WY & even up into Alberta by the last few days of June.


4th of July Holiday:  the outlook just coming into view: cooler than previous week, with an increasing possibility for showers & lots of clouds as the long weekend progresses.  Long way off, so this will likely change.  Stay tuned.


"If only men took the nation's problems as seriously as they do its sports!"


Off to toasty Oklahoma this week.





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06-17-2016 08:52:35

Plant cleaner products ordered detained and removed from sale, growers asked to stop its usage

This news release was sent out June 16 by the Oregon Department of Agriculture. Robin


Plant cleaner products ordered detained and removed from sale, growers asked to stop its usage

June 16, 2016... The Oregon Department of Agriculture has issued a notice of statewide detainment and a stop sale and removal order for Green Planet Nutrients Mega Wash and NPK Industries Mighty Wash, two plant cleaner products which are used in hydroponics and horticulture. ODA has found that the products contain a pesticide active ingredient not listed on the label. The order calls for the companies to immediately cease all sales, offers of sale, or other distribution of the products in Oregon. In addition, products within Oregon or transported into the state by any type of business transaction or other method are detained.

ODA testing of Mega Wash and Mighty Wash found both to contain the active ingredient pyrethrins.

Use of Mega Wash and Mighty Wash could cause cannabis to fail Oregon Health Authority (OHA) pesticide testing requirements. ODA has issued a pesticide advisory to growers of all crops and retailers advising them to discontinue using or selling the products. 

Mega Wash is manufactured by Freq Water, Inc. of Central Point, Oregon for H.I.T. Manufacturing of Surrey, British Columbia. Mighty Wash is manufactured by NPK Industries of Medford.

As part of an investigation, ODA’s Pesticides Program obtained and sampled Mega Wash and Mighty Wash from various locations in Oregon. Laboratory analysis found the presence of pyrethrins. ODA will proceed to address violations of Oregon’s Pesticide Law, which include adulteration of a pesticide product and mislabeling of a pesticide product.

According to the Oregon Health Authority, pyrethrins pose a low risk to humans unless exposures are at very high concentrations. Inhalation of very high levels have caused respiratory irritation symptoms similar to asthma. It is unlikely that residual levels left behind on cannabis would be high enough to cause these symptoms, although cannabis smoke may contain other constituents that could also cause these types of symptoms. More information can be provided by the National Pesticide Information Center  at <>.

For additional information on the pesticide advisory and regulatory action taken against Mega Wash and Mighty Wash, contact ODA at (503) 986-4635 or email <>.


ODA product stop use order

06-17-2016 08:25:48

Weather update

Time to yield to oncoming sun rays, Rufus at the WxCafe® sends us warm and dry weather coming up. Robin

Friday June 17


Cool wet pattern will yield to a warm & dry period this coming week.  Showers are still on the horizon to return & dampen summer spirits yet again, so "advantage" the dry break.


Temps a few degrees warmer today, with the threat for thunderstorms and heavy showers remaining in play across the PNW.  Patrons east of the Cascades are likely to get hammered harder than that west side because the upper level trough that is causing instability will shift south off the coast of OR.  This drives warmer, mid-level moisture & slightly muggy air into the PNW, setting off intense showers late afternoons.


By Sunday afternoon, the pattern will turn dry & warm.  Actually, we are heading for a few days of potentially 90+ degrees next week for many patrons (not quite as warm in the Puget Sound area, just drier).  The short-lived heat will last 2-3 days west side & possibly 3-5 days east side.  On Wed or Thu, temps will get tapped down as an onshore push of marine air conditioning turns on; some afternoon showers may build up over eastern basins.  By Fri Jun 24, another cool, damp upper level low will return showers to just about everyone's sky (a mirror image of this weekend's weather).  Sunday Jun 26 should turn warmer and dry again.


The last few days of June on into early July are progged to be on the cooler side of normal with a lingering threat for afternoon showers on both sides of the mountains.  Too early for a peek at Independence Day weather.  


Off to monitor fruit packs early this morning,





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06-10-2016 08:30:09

Weather update

Got rain? More to come according to Rufus at the WxCafe®. Robin

Friday June 10


Lots outdoor activities are happening:  the big Portland Rose Parade is tomorrow, a few patron weddings in the PNW, graduation celebrations continue and berry harvests are underway.  Summer is peaking in from around the corner.  What will the weather be like?  Time for forecasting bravery.


Showers today as upper level trough and surface lift keeps moisture in play.  For the big events tomorrow, the showers will diminish rapidly overnight opening up a rather nice Saturday morning & afternoon for OR & ID.  While we cannot rule out the risk for showers tomorrow (esp for the Puget Sound north), trending is for drying & warming as the day progresses.  Sunday should be decent everywhere west of the Cascades, with lingering showers east side.


Next week will start with a Monday that clouds up, and cools down.  Oh, and more showers arrive, too.  The pattern for the next week will for a large cool upper level trough to spin itself crazy right over the PNW.  Expect conditions to be unfavorable for berry & cherry harvest.  As the trough dips a bit farther to the south mid-week, moisture will be drawn north over the eastern basins & along the Cascades east side - yes, probable for "splits & fits" for our cherry growers.    As of now, don't expect a dry 24 hrs next week.


The weekend of Jun 18,19 has been progged as "wet" for several days now with no change in that forecast.  In fact, an irritating amount of rainfall may accumulate over the Fri-Sun period, esp west of the Cascades from Brookings north into BC.  Blame it on another persistent trough of low pressure camped out in the wrong place for those that love summer sun.  We can only hope for a model error, at best.


The week of Jun 20 should start out drier than the previous 7 days.  However, by Wed more cool, showery weather is charted to arrive as the damp June of 2016 continues.  This wet system is modeled to impact Salem north into BC, rather than southern OR and eastern basins.  Still, plant disease management teams will be struggling.  We say this not to be negative, just to encourage a consistent stance to keep disease pressure under control.  


Long time patrons of the PNW know that a wet June is often followed by decent July weather once Independence Day has passed.  Will 2016 mirror past experience?


"Most reformers insist that their conscience be your guide."





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06-06-2016 08:15:48

Weather update

Rufus at the WxCafe sends relief from the heat. Robin

Monday June 6


A Big Turn is coming in regards to the type of weather for the next 2-3 weeks; meaning, cooler & occasionally damp.  Mugs full?


The heat high is shifting to our east, so expect gradual moderation of the hot temps of late.  By Wednesday, a cool system from the NW will drop down over the PNW and set up camp for the weekend.  The pattern is not a super wet one, but there will be some shower activity, esp in the afternoons on into Fri.  Latest solutions indicate that the cooler air mass will settle down by the weekend, which typically diminishes the chance for widely scattered showers.  Model solutions are trending for most of the precip to fall over the Puget Sound north.  The Rose Parade will march by under a cool, wear-a-sweater/sweatshirt sky, with the possibility for a shower thrown in just because it's the Rose Festival.  All in all, though, for Oregon patrons, the weekend should turn out to be more cool than wet, esp by late Saturday afternoon into Sunday.  


Late Sunday into Monday Jun 13, another, notably stronger system will spin down from the NW, ushering rather cool WET conditions for the PNW for first half of the new week. This system will torment berry growers, as the timing is just plain poor considering early harvest start-up right after the heat.  There could be a short, two day break in the precip Thu & Fri Jun 16-17, but all that turns back to RAIN by the weekend of Jun 18,19.  Model runs hold the moisture in play on into at least Tue Jun 21.  As stated, a Big Turn in the pattern coming.


"It's not a bad idea for a politician to remember that no newspaper can misquote silence."


Off to a chilly Montreal this week.  





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