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04-07-2014 10:30:34

Weather update

Greetings from sunny Tucson, home for this year's annual migration of western entomologists at the Pacific Branch Entomology Society of America. But the sun will be shared with many in the PNW this week, according to Rufus at the WxCafe®. Looking forward to bringing back the latest in entomological science. Have a great week everyone!    Robin

Monday April 7


An excellent shift in the weather outlook, esp compared to expectations a week or two ago, will likely set up a period of mostly dry, warm afternoons through much of the next couple of weeks. Dare we believe?


Seriously, there could be more petals falling then raindrops as the month progresses.  Cherry blooms are underway, with apple & pear blossoms rapidly gaining popularity among the bee community.  A decent pollination window now likely to open.  Buzzzzzz.


NW WA, Vancouver Is. will still be in the drip zone when a weak system moves overhead Tues afternoon & evening (maybe Friday, as well); OR should remain dry, as will the eastern basins.  Other than that, mild-to-warm conditions, with lots of sunshine on tap for the great PNW until April 14.  In fact, the coming weekend may challenge everyone with a summer dream - temps likely in the upper 70s in many locations, maybe even near 80 in Medford.  Buzzzzzz.


Cooler, showery pattern may return for a few days during the April 14-17 period, then drying again.  FYI:  models now indicate a potential winter slap again hitting large areas of the northern plains, upper mid-west, great lakes starting next weekend.  This system will make news, and unfortunately, is likely to trigger severe thunderstorms/tornado activity in many states Mon-Wed next week.


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04-04-2014 09:54:33

Bugs in the System Biological Control Tour and Workshop

Are you interested in using biological control to manage pests but don't know where to start? Come join us on Tuesday, April 29 for the Bugs in the System workshop and tour to learn more about starting or expanding a biological control program at your greenhouse or nursery.

We begin with a workshop to cover the basics of programs for many key pests. We're bringing in the fabulous Suzanne-Wainwright of Buglady Consulting, who works with greenhouses and nursery across the country to help them develop and maintain consistent and economic bio control programs for high quality plant production. Next we have lunch with the experts and exhibitors (included with registration) followed by a tour of growers using biological control. 

Always affordable, always informative, always fun, the Bugs in the System workshops/tours are a great way to get all the information you need to start a viable program using biological control in your system.

Learn how to use biological control in time to implement programs this season! For more information and to register for the Bugs in the System workshop/tour, check the link.    Robin

Bugs in the System Biological Control Workshop and Tour

Tuesday, April 29, 2014 - 9 am - 4 pm , North Willamette Research and Extension Center, Oregon State University, 15210 NE. Miley Rd., Aurora, OR

Cost for the Bugs in the System/Tour/Workshop is $25.00. Space is limited and pre-registration is required.


Bugs in the System links

04-04-2014 08:24:13

Weather update

Seeking perfection? Rufus at the WxCafe® hands us a couple of days next week to fit the bill. Robin

Friday April 4


Of the next 2, the first week ahead has the best chance to yield favorable days. 


Showers heading into the weekend will increase over the Puget Sound region tomorrow, then it will turn mostly dry and comfortably warm as next week gets under way.  Monday afternoon & most of Tuesday on tap for spring perfection, esp in OR, eastern WA. 


A weak system is setting up to roll in Tue night from the north first, reaching into OR by Wed but becoming more a cloud event than rain.  Wed afternoon/Thur should be dry, mild for all, before another somewhat stronger cold front positions for arrival Thur night.  So, expect showers or steady rain by Fri.  Saturday, Apr 12, should be dry & mild.  More rain on Palm Sunday for western WA, with some precip north of Salem by Monday.


Tax/Passover week will be on-off WET, as a string of relatively chilly systems arrive throughout the week.  The last one will mess with Easter, even for northern Calif.  Portions of the Big Valley in CA are getting showers today.  The additional rain progged earlier in the week for Apr 9-15 has dropped off the charts (mountains around LA may get a few showers), but it was a decent week for precip, as compared to completely dry months earlier.  April is far from over.


Fortunately around the PNW, there will be favorable days tucked within the next several for pollinating bees to work those cherry blossoms.  Working the soil will also be likely, as the heavier rainfall is not progged at this time.  The period of April 14-21 continues to look wet, chilly.


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04-02-2014 10:28:08

European shot hole borer

Aw, a nice sunny warm day in Spring! Think positive but watch for flights of European shot hole borer, Xyleborus dispar, our most common ambrosia beetle borer in nurseries in Oregon. Getting some reports of damage so be on the alert. Early season flights of these beetles (all female as the male is flightless) occur on warm, sunny days (generally over 50 degrees F) in early spring with additional flights later in the summer.

Monitor for the weeping sap, sawdust, of course, entry holes from the tiny borers. Infested trees should be rogued as they emit aggregation pheromones that beckon more borers into the plots. Nearby trees and other susceptible/stressed trees may be protected with trunk sprays.

More information and images of European shot hole borer are available at the link. Robin

European shothole borer

04-01-2014 17:01:02

Revised 2014 PNW Insect, Disease, and Weed Handbooks

The Revised 2014 Edition of the PNW Insect, Disease, and Weed Handbooks are now available online and hard copies may be ordered (at the link). There are new sections in each of the handbooks including an Emerging Pests in Pacific Northwest Ornamentals Section in the Insect Handbook. Robin

order handbooks

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