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07-24-2017 08:14:56

Oak slugs

Presence and damage from oak slugs is noticeable right now. Look on the underside of lower leaves on oaks with windowpane symptoms and you might see the shiny sawfly larvae in action. Rarely is intervention needed but populations can build up in some sites as the sawflies overwinter in the soil underneath the oak trees. For images and information, check the link. Robin

oak slugs

07-24-2017 08:06:08

PNW Nursery IPM Alert listserv

First - Thank you for your patience with my continuing battle with a hacker. I'm working with the university to see if we can convert this listserv/PNW Nursery IPM website to an OSU supported system. While there have been many benefits of being completely self-reliant over the years with this website and listserv, the ability to have the full support of OSU Community Network resources may help ensure the PNW Nursery IPM website's access, updates, and security after my retirement in a few years. 

In the meantime, I very much appreciate all of the positive feedback about the alerts and website and will try my best to make sure you get the information you need. Robin

07-17-2017 11:33:26

NWREC Community Open House

It is our annual NWREC Community Open House this Wednesday, July 19, from 4-7 PM at the North Willamette Research and Extension Center. Come for the tours, berry tastings, Art about Agriculture display, and stay for the ag research and educational information, fresh veggies, food preservation tips, to ask Master Gardener questions and tractor driving. And did I mention that OSU's Benny the Beaver will be there? It's a great way to learn about the range of activities that take place at NWREC. See the link for details. Robin

NWREC Community Open House

07-17-2017 10:22:43

Weather update

What do crickets, a solar eclipse, and a heat spell have in common? All in the forecast by Rufus at The Weather Café ®. Robin

Monday July 17


Generally, no change to previous discussion.  The only shift is for the cool, maybe-a-shower trough expected next weekend will likely move up a day or two (currently, possible on Thu for N Puget Sound area).  Otherwise, pleasant conditions throughout the PNW.


HEAT UP?  Still in the charts, but it has shifted a few days later to, say, start on the 28th and hold through the 30th.  Prudent Patrons will plan accordingly, even though the dates may continue to move about a bit.  If models are correct, triple digit temps will be in play for Southern OR, eastern basins and even portions of the Willamette Valley.  Bellingham & southern BC could tease into the 90s.  Again, keep an eye on this.  The event should only last  2 or 3 days before marine air flows back in to tap down temperatu

Long-time Patrons recall that every year around this time your host sends out the challenge to guess the day when Western Field Crickets begin their ‘Summer Song’.  (This is for west side locations.)  For those that pay attention to the sounds of Nature, we normally begin to hear crickets in the evenings sometime around Aug 4-6.  Some years, like 2016, it’s much earlier; others have been as late as Aug 13 (dates for Willamette Valley). Pool Bets are fun, if weirdness is accepted around your ‘water cooler'.  Keep a listen, challenge the children to help.  This is always enjoyable.


Bottom Line:  DRY conditions will continue through the end of July.  Some thunderstorm action may kick-up east side at the end of the month.  Heat Up still possible the last few days of July.  Early August look DRY and seasonal.


Totality Time:  Hundreds of thousands of folks are expected to make their way here to the Salem Oregon area, hoping to find a place to enjoy the amazing celestial show coming to the Sky Monday morning, August 21.  There are several places “hosting” Solar Eclipse viewing throughout the region.  The Weather Cafe ® would like to extend a special welcome to a limited number of Patrons that wish to experience TOTALITY here on our 2 acres, just north of Silverton.  We have a large, flat area for viewing & a dead-end road for parking.  At this location, Totality will last 1m43s at 10:17:46 am, with Partial Phasing starting just after 9:00 am.  This invitation will be limited to the first 30-40 Patrons coming from outside the Zone of Totality that respond.  Contact:




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Weather update

07-14-2017 11:15:18

Weather Update

Rufus at The Weather Café ® advises that things will hold steady for us but adds mention of a HEAT DOME (as long as it is not a Thunderdome). Have a nice weekend when it comes! Robin

Friday July 14


Late update, given a busy ‘Bug Morning’ here at the home office.  No major changes ahead, other than the risk for a late month heat wave in the PNW.


Ridges and Troughs continue in a positional pattern favoring onshore breezes to help mitigate extreme temperatures in west side locations in our corner of the Nation.  Even Patrons in the eastern basins of the PNW are escaping extreme heat.  A weak system to our NW will increase the onshore flow this weekend, so morning clouds may hang around a few extra hours, esp Sunday.  Afternoon sunshine will pull up temps late afternoons.  The NW breeze will also tap down the usual ‘warmer-than-the-west-side’ temps in the Columbia Basin.  Not so for much for Patrons in ID, WY, CO. — oh my, OVEN HOT there.


Next week will be a repeat of this last one — somewhat warmer temps at times, then cooler with more onshore breezes.  Models have hinted at another ‘trough’ of low pressure spinning close to the NW corner of WA by next weekend, July 22,23.  Maybe a shower develops in the north Puget Sound area, although that has trended away in the last 2 model runs.  Still, the pattern mirrors our current weekend, so plan ahead accordingly.


Week of July 24 could take on a HEAT WAVE pattern.  Maybe.  That broad region of the west under a HEAT DOME could expand into the PNW, starting with the usual suspects: Medford & SE Oregon by Monday the 24th, then enlarge to the point of adding a ‘heat index’ discussion for the balance of the week for all of the PNW.  Not to be wishy-washy, but this is not a definite.  However, as we noted a few days ago, it is only a matter of shifting the Ridges and Troughs a few hundred miles to the west, and bam, TOAST CITY.  For now, expect temps to elevate into the 90s in many areas by Tue July 25.  Triple digits may come into play for several areas - west & east sides of the Cascades, if model runs verify.  We’ll keep you near the ice machine.


The Hurricane situation didn’t set up on the timeline like we mentioned on Monday; however, the pattern continues to bring on the chance for a T.S. or stronger system by the last week of July.  It would get named, DON.


“It takes a wise man to know when he is fighting for a principle, or merely defending a prejudice.” 





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