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05-26-2017 08:20:53

Speckled green fruitworm

It is beginning to feel like summer from the pest perspective, the caterpillars are coming along. Now to seen on your inventory, speckled green fruitworm. This time I noted it on cherry laurel but it has a wide range of hosts. See the link for more info and images.


An early out for me for this weekend. Have a great time with the warm weather. Robin

speckled green fruitworm

05-23-2017 15:23:54

Elm leafminer

Damage from elm leafminer is quite noticeable right now. Although this is not the timing to manage them, it is a great time to get out and diagnose a problem with this small wasplike sawfly. More information and images are at the link. Robin

elm leafminer

05-22-2017 11:52:50

Weather update

Things are looking brighter and drier based on the forecast from Rufus at The Weather Café ®.  Robin

Monday May 22 (Victoria Day - Canada)


Fabulous weather ahead.  The hottest day will be today, then trending very favorable for the balance of the month.  Enjoy a morning beverage outdoors!


It will be on the hot side today, with temps topping out as the warmest of the year for many Patrons in our forecast area (which, if you are new to this program, is Eureka CA north to Vanc. Is. and, broadly, east to ID).  A surface disturbance, currently moving over Kodiak Island, will rapidly spin south and then move over Vancouver Island on Tue.  This will drop temps lower than expected for Tue for all areas except south of Salem, as well as usher in some clouds & maybe a shower or two north of Olympia.  Nothing to change outdoor plans for, but definitely a change from our last forecast.  The "all good" news is that after this passes, temps will rebound into a very comfortable Memorial Weekend Mode - 70s and low 80s.  A morning marine cloud deck may block out the sun for a few hours each day, yielding pleasant afternoons.  


Monday, Memorial Day - maybe some showers develop along the eastern slopes of the Cascades and out over the eastern basins by late day.  This pattern will set up as a result of high pressure offshore & low pressure over NV & ID, which will intensify a bit by Wed - the last day of May - so expect moisture to increase in the eastern portions of the PNW.  By Fri Jun 2, localized 'cells' over the eastern basins & ID could become strong thunderstorms.  Conditions west of the Cascades during the May 30-Jun 2 period should continue dry, although drizzle along the coast, and longer-lasting morning clouds could be in play.  Oh, and a shower may move west off the Cascades.  We'll see.


The first weekend in June is looking to be dry west side with the moisture issue east of the Cascades beginning to shift out of the region by Sunday.  


The week of June 5 - 9 will start out cooler with showers, then trend drier with seasonal temps rebounding by the end of the week.  Weekend weather for June 10,11 will be dry & warm, and continue so on into the next week.  All Good.


"Nothing tests my love for my fellow man like the third day of a three day conference." - Anon.


"Nothing tests our love for the PNW like the rainfall over the past three months." - Rufus



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05-18-2017 15:24:16

Cabbage white butterfly

The good news is that it is warm enough for flights of butterflies. The bad news is that one of those butterflies wants to eat your Brassicas. Cabbage white butterflies, Pieris rapae, have been out recently and have been laying eggs. Catch them early to avoid damage and have softer options like Bt against the very young caterpillars. Robin

Cabbage white butterflies

05-18-2017 14:47:25

Pesticide-handler rule delayed

EPA has delayed the pesticide-handler rule until May of 2018. Check the link for more details. Robin

handler delay

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