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04-29-2016 16:58:44

Cottony camellia scale

I've had notice of cottony camellia scale crawlers found in the Portland area last week. I checked my favorite cottony camellia scale hang out and there were just a bunch of females with long ovisacs filled with eggs. Portland tends to run warmer so may be a harbinger of things to come . . . or crawlers to come. Info and images at the link. Thanks for the head's from my source. Robin

cottony camellia scale

04-29-2016 11:58:17

Weather update

Rufus plays reviewer of a four act Sky Theater for the new month. Robin

Friday April 29


A new month starts soon, so what will be playing at the Sky Theater?  First, get your morn'n beverage ready.


Expect a cool, scattered showers type of end to this week, with a delightful weekend on tap.  A popular saying posted behind the counter here at The WxCafe™ is, "I work best under High Pressure."  We get awesome weather under a high pressure ridge, hence the quip.  So, for Act I expect dry, sunny, "get 'er done" yard work conditions by Sunday.  Yep, some of us may even take a hammock break late day Sunday.  Very windy in northern CA over the weekend.  


Next week starts out warm & dry before Act II - a shift in the pattern - begins.  The upper air flow will become southerly, which typically sets off thunderstorms, esp east side, and elevated humidity.  Showers and wandering boomers will become increasing likely as the week progresses.  Thu & Fri, May 5,6 will be particularly damp & stormy, esp east of the Cascades and over portions of CA, ID, UT, NV.   


Continuing our Sky Theater word play, for Act III, the whole stormy cell pattern moves into the Rocky Mtn states next weekend.  The PNW will have another mild weekend in store, with increasing clouds and chance for rain late Sunday, May 8, as a cold front moves rapidly across the region by Monday. 


Act IV - the week of May 9 will present a ridge of high pressure centered over ID, UT, yielding mild & dry conditions for the PNW.  Rain/showers should remain offshore, however, if that ridge shifts a few hundred miles farther east, showers and cooler conditions will move into the PNW by Thu May 12.  The overall trend, though, is for a mild and dry week leading into the weekend of May 14,15, which as of today, progs as DRY but muggy.  Maybe showers over northern Vancouver Is, clouds NW WA.


The main drama for the show ahead is muggy, thunderstorm inducing conditions on tap for later next week.  Other than that atmospheric intensity, we are in for a decent run of mild days.  Crops that are blooming will have reasonable - for the PNW - pollination weather through the middle of the month. 


"A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory."





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Weather update

04-29-2016 08:35:52

IPM Scout

Watch for Red Turpentine Beetle!

Looking at some Pinus nigra last night and found piles of sawdust/frass near the base with holes just above it.  Have yet to catch the adult, but it sure looks like the trees are being attacked by Red Turpentine Beetle.  

04-29-2016 07:59:15

Azalea leaf and flower gall

Some diseases have the galling habit of infecting favored plants. Azalea leaf and flower gall lives up to its name and symptoms are evident this time of year. The link has images of this pathogen and links to more information.   Robin

azalea leaf and flower gall

04-28-2016 17:12:12

azalea sawfly

Azalea sawfly has been spotted in the last week feeding on deciduous azaleas. I've put together a gallery of images to help identify this pest and its damage. Robin

azalea sawfly

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