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Welcome to the Pacific Northwest Nursery IPM Website

Hot topic!: ash whitefly webpage

This website has been established to provide educational materials and links for the identification and management of pests in commercial nursery production in the Pacific Northwest.

The PNW Nursery IPM Website is designed to be dynamic, allowing growers and pest management professionals to give and receive information regarding pest activities in nurseries in the Pacific Northwest. For more information on how this works, click on the Intro section of the website. The email Alert system is a free service sending out pest management information with regional, national, and international pest information pertinent to nursery production. Register here to receive email pest Alerts. Click here to view Pest Alerts.

New Pest activity alerts @PNWNurseryIPM at Twitter.com

This is a constantly expanding website. Many of our links are under construction and will develop further. Watch us grow.

New Sections

sapsucker damage

amber snails

boxwood blight (link to NC state's alert)
Deny Disease resource list
Gymnosporangium rust on serviceberry
impatiens downy mildew

ash whitefly
azalea lace bug updated
bark lice
bulb flies
carpet beetles
cinnabar moth
cutworms updated
European shot hole borer updated
honeylocust pod gall midge updated
lady beetle gallery
pear sawfly updated
poinsettia thrips updated
whiteflies updated

biological control of two-spotted mite
boxwood bud mites
boxwood spider mites updated
eriophyid mites updated

Other resources:
Insectary plants
Phenological indicators of pest activity (shovel-ready project)
Tips for Diagnostics

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