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Welcome to the Pacific Northwest Nursery IPM Website

Newest pages: black cherry aphid, oak twig gall wasp, cabbage whitefly, and black bean aphid

Looking for trouble? Thrips populations are increasing in maples. Flights of Pacific flat-headed borers have started. Adults of the coreopsis beetle have been seen already. Adults and nymphs of azalea lace bug are out. Adult flights have been confirmed already in our area for summer borers such as the Sequoia pitch moth and bronze birch borer. Be alert for whiteflies as temperatures warm. Black vine, rough strawberry, and strawberry root weevil adults are out at this time. Aphids still show up on some hosts this time of year. Check for aphids on dwarf Alberta spruce, maples, nasturtium, and beeches.

Now is a good time to monitor for two-spotted spider mite. Want information on biological control programs for two-spotted spider mites? Find it here.

Summer is less hectic on the disease front but it is still important to keep alert for disease prevention and monitoring. Powdery mildew begins to show up with summer-like weather. Look for it on Cotinus or smokebush, bee balm, and dogwood.

Prior alerts: azalea sawfly (May 28, 2016), pale green weevil (May 3, 2016); rose curculio weevil (May 5, 2016); red turpentine beetle (May 3, 2016); azalea leaf gall (April 29, 2016); honeylocust plant bug (April 26, 2016); pear leaf blister mite (April 25, 2016); Narcissus bulb fly (April 22, 2016); boxwood spider mite (April 21, 2016); woolly beach aphid (April 21, 2016); elm leafminer (April 19, 2016); Viburnum leaf beetle (April 11, 2016); spittlebugs (April 5, 2016); western tent caterpillar (Mar. 18, 2016); white pine weevil (Mar. 4, 2016); (pear blight beetle (Feb. 29, 2016)


This website has been established to provide educational materials and links for the identification and management of pests in commercial nursery production in the Pacific Northwest.

The PNW Nursery IPM Website is designed to be dynamic, allowing growers and pest management professionals to give and receive information regarding pest activities in nurseries in the Pacific Northwest. For more information on how this works, click on the Intro section of the website. The email Alert system is a free service sending out pest management information with regional, national, and international pest information pertinent to nursery production. Register here to receive email pest Alerts. Click here to view Pest Alerts.

New Pest activity alerts @PNWNurseryIPM at Twitter.com

This is a constantly expanding website. Many of our links are under construction and will develop further. Watch us grow.

New/Updated Sections

sapsucker damage

amber snails


boxwood blight new
Gymnosporangium rust on serviceberry
impatiens downy mildew

ash whitefly new
azalea lace bug
azalea sawfly new
birch aphid
black bean aphid new
black cherry aphid new
boxwood psyllid
cabbage whitefly new
cottony camellia scale
dustywings new
ground beetle gallery new
Japanese beetles new
lacewings new
lady beetles
maple aphids
March flies
Narcissus bulb fly
natural enemies gallery (in process) new
oak twig gall wasp new
pear blight beetle
pine spittlebug new
meadow spittlebug
rove beetle gallery new
soldier beetle gallery new
snakefly gallery new
white pine weevil
western tent caterpillar

boxwood spider mites
clover mites new

Other resources:
Invasive species
Insectary plants
Phenological indicators of pest activity (in process)
Tips for Diagnostics
Mermithid nematodes new

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