Latin name:  Brassica kaber

Family:  Brassicaceae

Common name:  wild mustard
Life cycle:  winter annual, reproduces by seed only.
Habit:  Wild mustard can grow 1 to 3 feet tall.  Habit is erratic and freely branching.
Foliage:  Leaves are serrated, glossy green, and with sunken veins.  Lower foliage is deeply lobed, while upper leaves are entire.  
Flower:  Flowers are yellow with 4 petals.  Flowers occur in racemes.
Seedlings:  Cotyledons are large and distinctly different in shape compared to true leaves.  Cotyledons have smooth margins, and are kidney shaped.  First true leaves have serrated margins and are elliptical in shape.

Look alikes:  Bird's rape mustard (Brassica rapa)

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