Latin name:  Rumex acetosella

Family:  Polygonaceae

Common name: red sorrel

Life cycle: perennial, spreading by seed and creeping roots
Habit:  foliage forms mounds 6 inches tall and 12 inches wide, with flowers occurring on erect stalks.
Foliage: On basal leaves, each leaf has two lobes near the base that make it distinctly arrow shaped.   Upper leaves are sometimes without lobes (or arrow shape) and are thus more linear.  
Flower:  Flowers occur in terminal panicles, and are orange to red.
red sorrel stem sheath Stem:  A common characteristic of plants in this family is the membranous sheath (called the ocrea) on the stems at each node.

Red sorrel is in the family Polygonaceae.  From Latin, 'poly' means many, and 'gonum' means knee.  This refers to the many knee like joints on this and other plants in this family.

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