Spergularia rubra - Red sandspurry

Family Caryophyllaceae

Red sandspurry is a prostrate growing annual that spreads by seed.  It is not a problematic weed, but does occur in cultivated fields.  It is more prevalent during late spring where temperatures are slightly warmer but soils are still wet.

Red sandspurry

Leaves are small, linear, and sessile.

Red sandspurry

Papery stipules occur at the base of each leaf, which somewhat resembles the ocrea on plants in the family Polygonaceae.

Red sandspurry

Flowers are small, about 1/4 inch in diameter.  Flowers occur solitary and have 5 pink petals.

Red sandspurry

No control recommendations are necessary, as even the most modest of weed management efforts successfully control this plant.

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