Latin name:  Calandrinia ciliata

Family:  Portulacaceae

Common name:  redmaids, desert rockpurslane

Life cycle: annual
Habit:  low growing, forming a circular mat up to 16 inches wide, slightly mounding
Foliage: Narrow, strap-like, only slightly pubescent (most noticeable along the margins).  Foliage resembles a snake's head, especially foliage of young rosettes.
Rosette: 12 to 16 inches in diameter, narrow strap-like leaves
Flowers: magenta to purple, with bright yellow stamens.  up to 1 cm in diameter
Seedlings:  Cotyledons are small and oval shape.  First true leaves resemble shape of mature foliage.
  Notes: Redmaids are native to Oregon, and are not problematic weeds in nursery production. They often germinate in late fall or early spring, flower throughout spring, and disappear before summer. And while it can occur in nursery fields at relatively high numbers, there are no drastic control measures are necessary to control it.