Latin name:  Matricaria matricarioides

Family:  Asteraceae

Common name:  pineapple weed

Life cycle:  annual, reproducing by seed

Habit:  Low growing, bushy

Foliage:  Foliage is pale blue-green and deeply dissected.  When leaves are crushed, they emit a pleasant odor similar to pineapples (hence the common name), which is a good way to distinguish this weed from mayweed chamomile.
Flower:  Flower heads are solitary, but like other weeds in the family Asteraceae, each flower head is comprised of many individual ray and/or disk flowers.  Pineapple weed only has disk flowers.  They lack the showy petal-like ray flowers.  Pineapple weed looks much like mayweed chamomile, but pineapple weed lacks the showy white petals found on mayweed.

Look alikes:  Mayweed chamomile (Anthemis cotula)

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